Celebrity Big Brother: full list of housemate nominations revealed!

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates made their first nominations this week and we already know that Heidi Fleiss, Lady Sovereign and Katia Ivanova will face the public vote. However, we thought you might also be interested in seeing who each housemate nominated and their reasons why.

Nicola T nominated Sisqo because she finds him patronizing and struggles to make conversation with him. She thinks that he likes to talk about himself quite a bit.

Her second nomination was for Katia because she doesn’t think she does much around the house and may be caught up in the moment with Jonas.

Sov nominated Heidi because she doesn’t make an effort and Sov wonders why she came in if she knew she was going to laze around. She also nominated Alex because he doesn’t speak to her and spends his time lifting weights.

Katia nominated Nicola as she feels she acts a lot dumber than she actually is. She didn’t like it when Nicola kept singing puppy love about her and Jonas. She also nominated Stephanie because when she is around she doesn’t feel she can talk about stupid things. She thinks she is a “fuss pot”.

Heidi nominated Sov because she thinks her teeth are “like a vampires”. She also thinks that Sov and some of the younger housemates are like annoying stupid little kids saying “Teach that kid some manners”. She also nominated Stephanie as she feels she is obnoxious and always passing judgment on others.

Stephanie nominated Jonas because of his “anal” humour. She thinks he has “too much interest in what he calls farting and shitting”. She also nominated Katia. She calls her “a beautiful orchid with no roots of her own”. Thinks the house would get more sleep if she went as Jonas and Katia would no longer disrupt them by sleeping in same bed.

Sisqó nominated Heidi as he thinks “she has tapped out of the competition”. He also nominated Dane as “he doesn’t add too much to the competition” and that his personality is “a little too neutral”.

Jonas nominated Heidi because she is not doing anything. He thinks she is “a weak link” saying that future tasks will be compromised if she stays. He nominated Sisqó because he is tired of him being a showoff and name dropping.

Dane nominated Katia as he doesn’t feel she gets involved. He says “She is in her own world and doesn’t make an effort” adding “She is used to being around older people so age gap is not an excuse”. He also nominated Stephen because he niggles him and although he admires the strength of his faith he feels that he pushes his faith on people too much.

Alex nominated Heidi as he wants to have fun and she has warned that she is a bitch and her gremlins will come out. He nominated Sov as “she seems unhappy”.

Vinnie nominated Heidi as he has been waiting on her, although he admits that there is “psychology to my madness” as he does this so that he can control what she has from the fridge other wise “If she wants to take something from the fridge the she will take it”. He also nominated Stephen as the house is not big enough to hide from him.

Stephen nominated Sov. He doesn’t think she lends a helping hand around the house. He thinks she is the less giving than most of the others. He also nominated Jonas as he hasn’t seem to done anything except build a snowman. He has no awareness for fellow housemates.

Heidi, Katia and Sov will therefore face the public vote. Phone lines will open later today.

Vinnie was the only housemate to receive no nominations.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!