Celebrity Big Brother: check out the surprise nominations

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction show, the housemates were forced to make their nominations live to the nation.

Each housemate was given 30 seconds in which to nominate two of their fellow residents and the three or more celebrities with the most votes will face a double eviction this Friday night.

Check out who nominated who below!

Alex nominated and said he wanted to get the Americans out and stand a chance of winning himself. Alex first nominated Sisqo because he is too much of a threat and his second nomination went to Dane because he is ‘too nice.’

Dane Bowers nominated Ivana Trump. He loves her but is annoyed by her ‘constant moaning.’ His next nomination was for Stephen as he is fed up waiting for him to finish his sentences.

Ivana Trump nominated Jonas for behaviour (ie running around naked) which causes serious offence to the public and housemates. Her second nomination was for Stephen for talking about nominations in front of other housemates.

Jonas nominated Ivana for complaining too much and spending too much time in the toilet. Secondly he nominated Sisqo as he ‘isn’t helping out enough’ and is ‘showing off too much.’

Nicola T nominated Stephen Baldwin because he is ‘really annoying’ and her second nomination went to Ivana Trump because she ‘faffs around a lot’.

Sisqo nominated Ivana Trump because he is ‘tired of being bossed around.’ His second nomination went to Alex because he is tired of seeing him bully Stephen and Jonas.

Stephanie nominated Stephen because he is playing games and playing all camps. Her second nomination went to Ivana Trump ‘because she has played her game and needs to be released from her misery.’

Stephen nominated Nicola T because she is ‘really cunning and baffling with two faces.’ His second nomination went to Dane Bowers because he doesn’t ‘think that he handled the Sov situation very well and I don’t think he’s that kind.’

Vinnie Jones nominated Sisqo because he didn’t help the group with the Sov problem. Also because he is ‘keeping different camps.’ Vinnie’s second nomination went to Alex because he ‘eats and snores too much.’

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!