Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean’s husband accuses bosses of show fix!

Nicola McLean’s husband has accused Celebrity Big Brother bosses of trying to trick viewers, in relation to his wife.

The model hit the headlines this week, when she appeared to get close to cheating on her husband Tom Williams. She is in the house with old pal Jamie O’Hara. When she got drunk think week, Nicola kissed Jamie on the cheek and confessed her love for the hunk. She also admitted that they have snogged before.

Last night Nicola refused apologise for her behaviour and hinted that she has a free card while in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It is well known that Tom cheated on Nicola in 2015 and that the pair broke up for a period. They are trying to work through their problems now but Nicola is clearly still hurting.

Tom insists that she’s not doing as well as CBB viewers might think though. He claims that the blonde beauty spent all day with a psychiatrist this week, as she was feeling so bad in the reality TV house. Williams tweeted:

“Interesting that @bbuk didn’t show that Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day @rylan @EmmaWillis (sic)”

Fans have taken to Twitter to demand that CBB bosses let them know if the claims are true. They are well used to things happening behind the scenes and so called ‘fixes’ taking places, where one housemate is favoured over others.

Producers may have more to worry about today though. Ray J walked out of the house last night, but is now begging to go back in. He’s even threatening legal action against the show, saying he was ill and blacking out when he left.

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Lisa McGarry

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