Celebrity Big Brother: After nipple gate Jasmine Waltz hits the toilet with Lee Ryan & he reveals BB ‘brothel’

lee ryan jasmine waltz

lee ryan jasmine waltz

Lee Ryan started off comforting Jasmine Waltz over her father’s death but rather inappropriately, the hugging turned to much more and the pair ended up in the Celebrity Big Brother toilet again for some alone time last night.

The couple shared their innermost feelings this week as the Blue star introduced the US actress to his dead grandfather (who may have looked rather like an ordinary butterfly to you and me) and she opened up about the passing of her own dad.

After Waltz shared the story of how her father committed suicide, prompted by Liz Jones’ ‘I want to kill myself’ comments, Ryan invited Waltz for a ‘cuddle’ in the bathroom.

The charmer!

He begged the brunette beauty not to abandon him after the show and to stay in the UK, leaving the lights of LA in her past.

However it was all leading somewhere and within minutes the pair put an end to their kissing and cuddling in the bathroom, heading into the more private toilet instead.

lee ryan casey batchelor

The tap was running again, while some moans could definitely be detected. Subtly is clearly not their strong point!

Lee whispered to Jasmine: “I want to look after you and I want you to look after me.”

We hope he didn’t mean what we thought he meant….it’s too early in the morning for all that!

Meanwhile, media campaigners have called for Channel 5 to pull their popular reality TV show off the air, as scenes of a rather sexual nature were screened on Sunday night.

It was reported that the footage from the housemates S&M party was already heavily edited, but Lee promised that the sauciness is set to continue, telling fellow stars:

sam faiers

“You think last night was f***ing dirty? You wait!” Ratings for the programme have shot up since last year because of the controversial content with some joking it should now be called “Big Brothel”.

Campaign group Mediawatch wants bosses to put a stop to the inappropriate content and Director Vivienne Pattison told The Daily Star:

“I hope Ofcom shows its teeth and comes down hard on Channel 5. Enough is enough. It’s time to regulate it.”

The furore erupted after a task saw the housemates being asked to produce Certificate-18 adult footage for a task at the weekend. Lee, Jasmine, Luisa Zissman, Sam Faiers, Ollie Locke and Lionel Blair all dressed in bondage gear and performed in a room decorated like a sex club.

Ryan ground in some very skimpy pants and in some scenes appeared to be incredibly sexually aroused as he simulated sex with Apprentice star Luisa.

The brunette beauty later moved on to perform a lesbian sex act with Jas and Waltz showed her nipple as the men stuffed cash into her knickers.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “We’ve received complaints, which we will look at but no decision at this stage has been made to investigate.”

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