Celebrity Big Brother: He saw Casey Batchelor naked but now Lee Ryan & Jasmine Waltz cruelly mock the model!

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Antony Costa may have insisted that his pal Lee Ryan is NOT committing career suicide in the Celebrity Big Brother house but we would have to politely disagree with his analysis!

The Blue star has made headlines for his bed hopping on the Channel 5 reality TV show and now, as if it wasn’t bad enough to lead her on, see her naked and then dump her on live TV, the singer has been mocking Casey Batchelor with his new lady friend.

Lee has proved to be a bit of a scumbag since he took up residence in the BB house and last night he allowed Jasmine Waltz to stick the knife in a little bit deeper, as he and the US beauty poked fun at the discarded model.

During a chat in the garden area last night, Ryan proposed to the actress and said:

“Anyway, when we getting married?”

Jasmine took a while to respond but after giggling like a schoolgirl for what felt like three hours, she finally decided that a wedding would be worth it’s weight in gold for magazine headlines and replied:

jasmine luisa lionel

“Today… let’s have a ceremony.”

Lee wanted to do things right – he has introduced Waltz to his dead grandfather who appeared in the guise of a butterfly after all – and he asked:

“Shall I get down on one knee?”

Waltz liked the sound of that but couldn’t conceal her bitchy side as she laughed:

“In front of Casey.”

Despite spending most of the first week locked in an embrace with Casey and getting rather saucy with her in his favourite toilet at least twice, Lee joined in the cruel mocking.

Waltz took things a step further and thought up other ways in which she could irritate her British counterpart. She continued:

“I’m going to prance around in my underwear around your bed for three days straight, watch.”

Jasmine is no doubt upset with the busty brunette after she showed her true feelings for the American marriage wrecker and nominated her during the live nominations session earlier in the week.

casey batchelor nominations

Batchelor claimed she had been upset when Waltz attacked her over Sam faker’s fake fight with Jasmine and Apprentice star Luisa.

Jasmine promised to show her wrath afterwards and told Lionel Blair:

“I feel bad for her now because I’m not going to be sweet anymore.

“And I’m not going to try and hide anything [with Lee]. I was trying to protect her.

Lee couldn’t be bothered with all the drama though and he complained:

“Just get on top of me and start riding me.”

How nice!

We revealed earlier today and Lee and Jasmine enjoyed another toilet session last night and the running tap couldn’t mask the grunts, moans and pleas from Ryan to ‘help’ him if he ‘helped’ Waltz.

Media campaigners have demanded that OFCOM take action against Channel 5 for the smutty nature of it’s content and are calling for the show to be taken off air.

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