Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine Lennard brands The Wanted’s Max George “a flop in Mr Men boxers!”

max george, jasmine lennard

Fans of Celebrity Big Brother will no doubt remember bunny boiler housemate Jasmine Lennard, who frequently told anyone who’d listen that she was, and still is, in love with her ex, Simon Cowell…

However, as we reported recently the bisexual model was rumoured to have been secretly dating The Wanted’s Max George – who was himself supposed to be in a relationship with TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh – but while she’s confirmed that she was indeed seeing Max, she reckons he was something of a disappointment.

Speaking to The Sun, she claimed that although Max regularly boasts that he’s a “great s**g”, he has “a lot to learn”.

She remarked, “I keep reading about what a stud Max is and how he is God’s gift to women, but he was like a rabbit.

“There wasn’t a lot of technique and the whole thing was over very fast. I’d kicked him out of the room within 15 minutes.

“In the end I felt I would have had more fun in bed with Lucy than him.”

Of Max, the paper adds that Jasmine claimed he “turned her off completely” by wearing Mr Men boxers, and that he referred to Jasmine as “it” while talking about her with his mates .

And on the subject of Max being in a relationship with Lucy, Jasmine said, “He kept telling me, ‘I have no baggage’.

Lucy Mecklenburgh, Max George

“He acted as if he was 100 per cent single. Lucy didn’t even figure.

“I said to him, ‘Aren’t you seeing this girl from Essex?’. He insisted, ‘No, I don’t know her’.

“I tried to push him a bit and said, ‘She has a banging body’. But he just shrugged, ‘She’s all-right looking’.

“That was his only comment on her.

“Then one of his bodyguards did an impression of her and Max started laughing. It wasn’t very nice.”

She added, “He was wearing Mr Men boxers and that was a major turn-off.

“They said Mr Perfect which he definitely wasn’t.

“I couldn’t take him seriously, he was like a jumped-up little boy. At the end I was like, ‘What happened?’ It was very rushed.

“He’s got a lot to learn. I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible.

“I have to have a mental connection with someone for the sex to be satisfying.”

jasmine lennard

And finally, Jasmine remarked, “Afterwards he said to me, ‘That’s room service’. I was horrified and said, ‘What do you want? A tip?’

“He wanted to see me later but I took the phone in my room off the hook.

“I think he found it strange that I genuinely didn’t care if I saw him again or not. I guess he’s used to girls who worship him.”

Here’s a reminder of Jasmine and her mother on CBB…

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