Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark in Twitter feud with Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews


Nothing beats a good Twitter fight and today Rylan Clark has obliged us by getting embroiled in yet another online row.

The X Factor star is so busy we’re surprised he has time to even use the micro blogging website, as he only finished on Celebrity Big Brother last Friday night and since Saturday has been touring the UK with his fellow talent show stars.

However, when Ry Ry triumphed and claimed first place on CBB last weekend, one person who wasn’t screaming in support for the former model was Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

He took to Twitter to slag the singer and said his win was indicative of what is currently wrong with Britain. We think that’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation but whatever. What do we know?

Matthews – who incidentally starred in the far from intellectual series The Bachelor last year – wrote:


“That Rylan guy winning anything epitomises British demise….. @spencerpratt all the way x”

Clark got wind of the insult and wasn’t taking it lying down. He hit straight back at the poncey star retorting:

“@SpencerGeorgeM how about you drop yourself out and run back to your parents bank account, or better still find a fake girlfriend…”


Matthews’ male pride wouldn’t let him back down at this point and he replied to Clark saying:

“@RylanClark oooo she bites… Just my opinion, don’t get your knickers in a twist…”

Rylan also revealed on Twitter yesterday that he had been banned from singing at last night’s X Factor concert, due to some throat problems.

rylan clark

He went to see a specialist and is hoping he’ll be well enough to sing in Brighton tonight. He wrote:

“En route back to Brighton for the X factor tour , hope I’m well enough to sing tonight, if not then ill still give A rylan style performance”

What do you think readers? Are you Team Rylan or Team Spencer? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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