Celebrity Big Brother’s Julian Clary “Strictly Come Dancing has become a lot more cut-throat” as he and Denise van Outen’s husband Lee Mead launch panto (video)

by Lisa McGarry

Yesterday Julian Clary and Lee Mead launched their “Jack and the Beanstalk” pantomime in Southampton.

Judging by the looks of the cast we will be in for a treat. Lee, who is making his panto debut, seemed at ease with the seasoned panto performers and it looked like they had taken him to their hearts already.

Looking glamorous albeit a bit tired, Julian led the way through their press and photo calls, being his gentle self with everyone, while even managing to seduce ITV newsreader Simon Parkin.

In an interview for VoiceFM Julian also found a moment to discuss his time on Strictly Come Dancing, revealing he felt it changed a lot from when he made it to the final on the 2004 series.

“Well, as it happens, Lee Mead, who’s our Jack this year, his wife is Denise van Outen who’s a friend of mine. So I’m really pleased to see that she’s in there, and I’ll be watching her very closely. However, I wasn’t very good although I got through to the final I don’t think I can offer any tips. It seems to be it’s changed, hasn’t it. In my day they got people like me who really couldn’t dance. I’d never danced anything and you did actually learn a lot from your world class dancer. So I did actually learn how to dance after a fashion and I appreciate music in a different way from doing that show. Now it seems as if it’s a lot more cut throat so it’s still just as entertaining but I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes if I had been in this years lot I don’t think.”

Asked if we will see him dancing again on Strictly or in his upcoming shows, Julian was hesitant.

“I will [return as a guest] if I’m asked. I do quickstep in Cinderella in the ballroom scene when I get the ugly sisters and everyone else to hold up the numbers. But I don’t think that happens in this show. I haven’t seen the script yet, so I don’t know.”

Watch a video of Julian, Lee Mead and Nigel Havers below – including the lovely moment between Julian and Simon Parkin.

This post was written by guest blogger and reality TV showbiz observer Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here!

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