Celebtity Big Brother 2010: Day 13 highlights!

Vinnie and Stephanie are in the lounge talking about the other housemates. Vinnie “That whole corned beef thing really p*ssed me off”.

Vinnie is in the snug and as he tries to lie on the sofa the whole thing tips up and falls end up on him.. attack of the sofa!

Katia is in the bedroom waiting to use the loo. She takes the opportunity to sit on Jonas’s bed whilst she waits. He takes her hand and then they start stroking each other. He pulls her closer and she gets into his bed for a hug.

10.06am Jonas hugs Katia in the kitchen. The other housemates in the lounge laugh about the fact she woke up in his bed this morning. Katia explains she just got in this morning “I needed a hug”. Nicola points out “Dane’s desperate for a hug”.
They laugh – Katia and Jonas leave to go to the smoking area. Dane laughs if Kat had got into his bed for a hug she’d have found herself on the floor in a few seconds!

At the smoking area Katia admits to Jonas she thinks she’s leaving the house later “I’d bet my life on it.”

Stephen in the lounge, tells the housemates how amazing a freshly laid egg is and how that particularly egg was the best egg he ever had. Sov listens and asks him how good it was.

In the bedroom. Alex has pulled down his shorts low so Jonas can massage cream into his sore back..

Alex is training in the garden.. Stephen is talking about his chickens and how they produced the best egg he has ever eaten.

In the bedroom Dane is talking about his old band “Another Level” and why they split up.
Wayne left to go alone when Dane started to get ‘more and more credits’. “I think he thought he could do it by himself.. we would have been massive!”
Dane then talks about the collaboration he did with Victoria Beckham. Vinnie teases him “it got panned!” Dane tries to justify it to Vinnie.

Sov asks about dinner and the egg situation. On hearing she has an egg she announces she wants her egg now. It causes comment from Vinnie “I rest my case – pain in the arse”. but Sov gets her wishes.

Stephen suggests to Vinnie he should take charge in the kitchen again.

Sov eats her egg between two bits of toast.

Nicola talks to Sov about Page 3, and suggests she does it. Sov does a funny pose pretending to be a model.

Vinnie calls the housemeeting about the food situation. Vinnie invites Dane to comment on his time in the kitchen. Dane says he believes that the helping yourself in the kitchen for lunch doesn’t work as the food is running out, he thinks they need to revert to the previous rationing situation. Vinnie tells everyone he dosen’t want to treat them like kids but they need to be careful after the corned beef situation. Sov doesn’t appreciate this saying she has only had three eggs in the whole time shes been in the house.

Vinnie tells her this is not the point and if he were to generalise, she is the biggest cause of trouble in the house.

Stephen asks everyone to raise there hand if they want to be part of the new routine and be a team player. Everyone does so. Vinnie asks Sov if she is sure and she says ‘well my hand is in the air’.

Sov leaves the meeting early “I get the gist” “it’s boring” goes outside and says to herself ‘they are mugs’ and says they can ‘suck my titties’

Sisqo comes outside to smoke with Sov. She asks why she is always singled out and Sisqo tells her it is herself that is singling her out, telling her she adds fuel to the fire.

Sov and Katia are in the garden smoking. Kat tells Sov “People are getting frustrated with you”.

Vinnie is in the kitchen with Dane, comments on getting the kitchen back into shape now he is back in charge.

Nicola is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Vinnie getting his kitchen back, she thinks it is good because he likes it and is a bit scary so people listen to him. They would listen to Vinnie more than her because she is a bit of a div.

Ivana is chatting in the snug about her ex husband Donald. She tells how she had wanted to call their son Donald Trump Junior but her husband hadn’t wanted that. She says she and Donald still get on well and are friends. Nicola asks if that’s the case why are they not still married. Ivana explains it was because the trust was broken.
She tells how when they were out.. girls used to ‘drop their phone numbers into his pocket’. When she says how old his current woman is, Vinnie jokes that she can’t compete with someone that young and Stephanie ticks him off for being rude.

6.55pm Sov gets a visit in the garden from Ivana who hugs her and says “Ciao I will see you on the outside”. Sov “I’m not going anywhere’

Vinnie is talking to Dane in the kitchen. He reckons it will be two out and one in with the evictions tonight.

Stephen is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother..He has come to collect his bible.
He calls Big Brother “Baby Doll” and “Hey Big B, Don’t go changin’ to try and please Stevie B. ”

Stephen leaves the Diary Room and talks to the picture of the devil on the back of the door “You are a loser”.

Kat, Jonas and Sov are in the garden smoking. Sov laughs and tells them Ivana came to say goodbye to her earlier. She thinks it was rude of her to presume she was going.

Jonas pulls Kat close to him and then faces her to the mirror with him so they can look at themselves.

10.20 pm
All the housemates are gathered for the live evictions. They do not know at this stage how many are being evicted. Davina speaks to the house. “This is Davina”.
Katia is evicted – says her hasty goodbyes and leaves.
The housemates hear the boos as she leaves.
Vinnie “She should have put more in”
Nicola laughs and points to Jonas “He’s not gonna get boom, boom, now!”

Jonas heads off to the bathroom where he sits down on the sofa and puts his hands to his head.

Heidi is talking about Katia and explains she was famous for being someone’s girlfriend and yet when she was in the house “she did nothing except try and be someone’s girlfriend.”
Sov goes to the bathroom and hugs Jonas.

Jonas returns but the housemates critise Katia.

Vinnie tells Jonas “it’s the best thing to happen for you” “she was just using you to stay in Dude”.
Jonas “I did really like her. Or rather I do really like her”.
But Jonas pretends to cry dramatically.
Sisqo laughs “I’d have been upset giving them titties up too.”
They all laugh at Sisqo’s comment. Jonas “So cold man where is your heart?”
Heidi comments “Well you know what. Sov liked her too.”
Sov admits “not like that!!” “But when she first came into the house I did give her a little look..” but that was it.
Just as the housemates think the evictions have finished. Davina talks to the house again.
Heidi stand up puts on her coat before her name is called.
When Davina says it’s Heidi, Sov leaps about punching air. Stephanie and Vinnie sit looking shocked. Heidi says her goodbyes and hugs Vinnie he gives her the heart balloon as she leaves.

Stephanie “well that’s a whole colour palette taken.”
Sov retorts “Not purple though”
Stephanie “a big rainbow”.
Sov “the little rainbow’s still here.”
Stephanie does not react.
Steph says to the others “That was a shock”
Sov leaps up and tells the house “It was my peoples!” (ie who saved her). “Now…My gay card is coming right out” …… and sings “I love my people – they love me”

The rest of the house sit and watch her.
Big Brother has thrown the remaining ten housemates a party.
The Task Room has been decorated and food and alcohol and soft drinks have been provided. The party kicks off with Jonas’s Basshunter song “Now your’re gone”.
The housemates are thrilled.. on the wall there are pictures of Katia and Heidi.

Ivana and Stephanie are the first to hit the dance floor! Ivana then dances with Sisqo.
Jonas and Alex pair up for a slow dance. Alex tells Jonas not to worry – he has the Reidonator!
Sisqo and Stephanie dance cheek to cheek.
Ivana and Stephen dance together
Dane and Nicola – he swings her round then hurts his leg in the process.
But all the paring up leaves a lone Sov.
The Thong song is played.
At the end of the party.. Jonas thanks Big Brother “I do miss Kat. She was a lot to me. But what you’ve done here for us is amazing.”
Part 4
Sov, Sisqo are at the smoking area.

In the snug Ivana and Stephanie are talking about how they are being perceived outside the house. Stephane tells Ivana “You’re behaving beautifully.”

In the party room Dane, Vinnie, Nicola are talking about Sov and her reaction to hearing the eviction names. Vinnie “I thought that reaction was sh*t” and explains how “the last three days she turned into a little brat.”

Alex is talking about when he first got together with Katie and says it happened on 17th July and it was “straight back to her house the first night.” – “A good night though!” Vinne tells him off for giving that information he will be in trouble.

Jonas tells them Katia was one of the “top three kissers in my life.”
Sisqo talks about Jonas “he’s got it bad” “when a lion scratches you it takes a long time to heal.”

Jonas is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “I feel a bit empty” “every minute I think of her.” I may be a little bit falling in love”. He is not sure he deserves a woman like Katia. “I feel I want her.”

Stephen is massaging Alex’s back in the bedroom. The knot in his back is “wretched”.

In the bathroom Jonas is wandering around in just a pair of white pants. He drops them off as he steps into the shower. Then opens the door and flings them out onto the bathroom floor.

Sov and Sisqo are in the snug he explains to her.. “you are just making yourself a target”
Sov “I feel good today as I dodged some bullets.” Sisqo asks “are you winning battles or the war?”

Sov ends by saying the “little guy always wins” Sisqo “David and Goliath”.


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