EXCLUSIVE: AJ Odudu talks hosting Bit on the Side with the diva Rylan Clark, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates and gives us her finale predictions

by Nick Barnes

Earlier this week I had the amazing opportunity to catch up with Bit on the Side’s AJ Odudu and we had a good natter about all things Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother and how much of a diva Rylan Clark really is!

We also spoke about the redesigned house and what it’s like to be in there, why the housemates keep nominating Lauren Harries and whether Charlotte Crosby is being real in the house. We also have AJ’s prediction for the finale of Celebrity Big Brother!

AJ says she is loving working with Rylan on Bit on the Side and she’s always been a big fan of the show so “it’s a dream” for her. AJ went on to add that she’s really good friends with Rylan and they take the mick of our each other – and let’s face it, they both come across brilliantly on TV.

Please Note: This interview took place on Tuesday, September 3 and Ron Atkinson was the latest housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

How are you finding hosting Bit on the Side?

“Amazing! Me and Rylan work great together, we just click I think – we’re in tune with one another. We’re good friends and we have a laugh, we take the mick out of each other and he’s not easily offended. Also, it’s a show I absolutely love, I’ve always been a fan of the show, so it’s a dream, it’s brilliant!”

What’s it like working with the diva that is Rylan Clark?

“He’s not that much of a diva I mean, he has to have a straw with all of his drinks, but no it’s really good, we like the same things – he has loads of snacks in his room so we just pig out together. It’s just like working with a really good friend. The other day I got a cheese board which was an ultimate dream come true for me. I love cheese, I love crackers… together that was just brilliant!”


Of course, there has been a huge transformation with the house this year. What do you make of the house?

“It’s a lot more open and the plan is bigger than previous years. When Rylan walked in he said the same thing that it feels bigger but it’s still claustrophobic. For me, as a none-ex housemate I love it, it seems really big in there. Everyone goes on about how small it is and I’m like ‘It’s not that small!’ There’s loads of space, personally when I walked in I thought it was really big, but when I’ve ever been in I’ve only been with two other people but weirdly you do feel claustrophobic, you feel a bit trapped in there. I think it’s the high walls as when you go outside you don’t really feel like you’re outside. I mean the garden is great, there’s something really spacious about it”.

Do you think Big Brother is being hard enough with the housemates?

“I don’t think he’s being hard enough yet! When they do these eating challenges I don’t get how someone is made to eat an egg and someone has to eat a chili and then someone else just has to eat three dry crackers, like Dustin had to eat three dry crackers – it’s not hard, that’s nothing! I also think like when their luxuries are taken away from them, it’s not for the whole day it’ just for a few hours. I think harder the better – bring it on!”

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother have been absolutely brilliant this year. What do you think of the mix of housemates we’ve had?

“I think it’s a good one because they’re putting people together that would never ever interact with one another in everyday life. You would never find Wolfy together with Dexter Koh and Gina Rio. If you ever said would those people live together, you’d be like ‘no way!’ That’s what I like about the celebrity series as well, although they’re all celebrities Dustin would never be seen with Courtney and Courtney would never be seen with Lauren Harries”


Ron Atkinson got the boot last Friday. Why do you think the public weren’t behind him?

“I wasn’t thinking ‘Poor Ron’, I was thinking ‘Good riddance’. He was really, really, really quiet, we only have three weeks and he was too much of a slow burner and the public didn’t go for it”.

Charlotte seems to have a hard exterior but she seems really sensitive inside. Do you think Charlotte is being herself or is she trying to be a Geordie Shore character?

“For whatever reason she does what she does, whether it’s for attention or whether that’s really her, I don’t know. But that is her personality, whether she’s attention seeking or not. Some people are attention seekers but there’s something really incredible about her – the general consensus is that people really like her – they’re ashamed of her and embarrassed by her actions. They don’t understand why she wets herself on TV, but yet she’s so down to earth and there’s an aspect of her personality that relates to either you as an individual or you’ve met someone like that. There’s aspects of her personality that makes her so normal, she’s the girl next door and there’s something very sweet and endearing about her and that’s why I think she’s going to be in the final”.

Who do you think has the potential to go and snatch the crown from Rylan?

“I think the final three will be Lauren, as she’s mesmerising, you can’t take your eyes off her. I definitely think Charlotte’s going to be in there; she has a massive fan base on Geordie Shore and a massive new fan base from Big Brother as she’s relatable. Mario is one to watch, I think. He’s come across a lot better than I thought he would. He comes across as a nice guy and a lad, he can’t help that he’s good looking – he’s a bit of eye candy”.


Lauren Harries has faced more or less all the evictions so far. What do you think it is that the housemates aren’t getting about her?

“I think the housemates keep using ‘Oh she’s messy’ as an excuse. I just don’t think they feel comfortable around her and they’re too afraid to admit it. They don’t feel comfortable around her and it’s that she’s very needy – she does need a lot of attention and she’s very sensitive and I don’t think that helps”.

I absolutely loved this week’s shopping task with the housemates living in luxury and Mario being Mr. Big. What can Big Brother do next with the shopping tasks?

“When I think they’ve done the best shopping task yet, they always come back with another one, it’s brilliant. I have no idea what they have up their sleeves so I can’t wait, whatever it is, it’s gonna be good!”

Photo Credit: Diana Gomez, Channel 5, Twitter

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  1. granny di on September 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    BBBOTS is not as good with the new presenters. Rylan is ok and improving but AJ needs to get more to the point and talk about BB not herself. In the phone room she gabbles on making jokes with the callers and by the time they actually get to speak the time runs out. Ian Lee is brilliant in the phone room. He gets straight to the point with the callers. AJ also seems to favour some housemates over others and makes it obvious who her favourites are. Surely she should be impartial.

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