Fuming Jonathan Ross blasts Jodie Marsh for getting her Twitter followers to “bully” him into inviting her onto his show to talk about… bullying!

by Lynn Rowlands

jodie marsh, jonathan ross, twitter

As we all know, social networking sites can sometimes prove to be a powerful medium for making a point, and for bringing certain pressing issues to the forefront…

So when former Celebrity Big Brother star and model Jodie Marsh recently asked her Twitter followers to message chat show host Jonathan Ross, imploring him to invite her onto his show, they did so, in their droves.

The drama began when Jodie explained that she wants to get her new Channel 5 show Jodie Marsh: Can We Beat the Bullies? as much publicity as possible.

She tweeted, “Please can everyone ask @wossy to have me on his show to promote my #antibullying shows coming out.

“We need the whole country to watch them!”

She added the hashtags #getjodieonJonathanRosstoraiseawareness

And as mentioned, they did, which infuriated Ross, prompting him to respond, “Getting your followers to hound me is exactly the right way to ensure you never get asked on.

“Very strange experience getting harassed and bullied by people wanting to me to help stop bullying. Surreal.”

jodie marsh, jonathan ross, twitter 2

Jodie replied, “Didn’t I say earlier that high profile people don’t want to help…

“Sad sad times! Well we tried folks.

“I wonder how he’d feel if one of his kids was being bullied? Do you think it’d be a different story?”

She then added, “No no, really it’s OK. Just get another ‘star’ on to talk about drugs & their new film & their new single.

“Don’t worry about saving lives.”

But she wasn’t done yet and later wrote, “To clarify, we were ‘hounding’ him for a good reason & we were asking nicely.

“Why WOULDN’T someone want to help the cause? Beats me.

“I was just trying to get awareness for my new TV show that will help millions of people by promoting it on HIS show to millions.

“If I have to suffer the embarrassment of being publicly shunned then so be it.

“I want to help people. My own feelings don’t matter.”

jodie marsh, jonathan ross, twitter 3

No doubt there will be more on this story at some point!

For now, here’s a look at Jodie talking about the issue of bullying on Daybreak last year…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is a trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, Big Brother, BGT and I'm A Celeb.