Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby wants to buy the Celebrity Big Brother chair for nookie!

by Lisa McGarry


Charlotte Crosby has revealed that she wants to buy this year’s Celebrity Big Brother diary room chair, so she can use it for nookie with her boyfriend.

The Geordie Shore star won the Channel 5 show on Friday night, beating Lauren Harries and Abz to first place and she thinks having the official piece of furniture in her home will be the perfect ‘trophy’ with which she can remember her achievement.

Charlotte has been reunited with her friends, family and her boyfriend Mitch over the weekend and now she wants a piece of CBB memorabilia for her own home.

She told The Daily Star:

“I won Celebrity Big Brother but I don’t feel like it because you don’t even get a statue or an award.

“So I want to buy the diary room chair. It can be a nookie chair for Mitch and me. It’s big, so we’d easily fit on it.”

Charlotte and Mitch are considering tying the knot but their rings will be far from traditional she revealed.


She wants blood in her diamond sparkler, while Mitch apparently wants ‘poo’ in his. We kid you not! Crosby added:

“We’ve been together eight months. When I got out we spoke about our engagement.

“I want a canary yellow diamond ring and a bit of blood in the bottom of it. He wants a ring with a bit of my poo in!”

Crosby is loving being home, especially because of the food and she tweeted her fans at the weekend saying:

“Ummm McDonald’s wish I could marry Ronald and be Mrs McDonald and eat double cheese burgers with sour cream dip ALL DAY #MrsMaccers 👰💍🍔😋”


She will be back on our screens this Tuesday and added:

“Neva guess what!! @mtvgeordieshore starts THIS TUESDAY!!!!! Omg! I am so excited for u to all see what we got up to! 🍻💃👯 #GShoreFam”

“Would like to thanks my great friends and family! For all their support! And all my GShore Fam and MTV fam! And my gorgeous boyfriend! 😁😍”

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