Luisa Zissman talks about Dappy’s MASSIVE penis & Sam Faiers recovers for TOWIE!

dappy luisa zissman

We don’t know how much he’s paying or what exactly he’s promising, but Dappy must have some sort of hold over Lusia Zissman, as she’s been busy gushing over the size of his manhood again today.

The pair definitely hit it off inside the Celebrity Big Brother house (except for that row over the many, many notches on Zissman’s bed post) and since she’s been on the outside The Apprentice star told anyone that would listen about the N-Dubz rapper’s massive penis.

During an interview with new! magazine this week she was still raving, making us a) how many times she’s seen it and b) how terribly insignificant and threatened her former boyfriends must feel right now.

Talking again about his bulging package, which she saw in the flesh a few times in the house, Zissma revealed:

dappy luisa

“I did walk in and see him going to the toilet. I haven’t measured it but I’m obsessed with it. I only saw it briefly, but it looked huge!”

Yes, we had picked up on the obsession Luisa! Perhaps these two just need to get it on and get it over with!

She went on to say: “We do get on really well but I don’t think either of us would jeopardise our friendship…..I really don’t think we would. I don’t want to f**k it up by having sex with him. He might not even want to have sex with me!”

Doesn’t she know? It’s Dappy! Dappy will have sex with anything! Literally anything. Someone should definitely tell Luisa that.

Meanwhile, Zissman’s former housemate Sam Faiers has seemingly recovered from her mystery illness, which she insists was NOT a pregnancy!

arg sam faiers

The blonde beauty ended up in hospital last week after a bug left her sick for the duration of her Celebrity Big Brother stay and failed to clear up when she finished on the show.

The TOWIE star has been on all sorts of medication and was even hooked up to a drip at one point, however she seems much better now and has even ventured out to film the new promo for the ITV2 series.

Sam posed for a picture with her pal Arg earlier today and he shared the shot on Twitter with the caption:

“SELFIE!!! Myself and the beautiful @SamanthaFaiers #TOWIESeries11PromoDay x”.

Jessica Wright, Lauren Pope and Gemma Collins were also on set with the stars.

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