Natalie Cassidy says being on Celebrity Big Brother made her miss Adam Cottrell

by Lisa McGarry

Natalie Cassidy recently got back with her former fiance Adam Cottrell and she has blamed her stint in Celebrity Big Brother for the reunion.

The Eastenders actress got back in touch with her daughter’s dad, when she was evicted from the Channel 5 reality TV show last month and though her family reportedly pleaded with her to stay away, she that she just loves the transport manager too much to keep him at arms length.

Adam was sentenced to community service last year, after he was arrested for assaulting Cassidy in her London flat. He claimed at the time that the incident occurred, because he was struggling with an alcohol addiction.

On why she got back with her former assailant, Natalie told new! magazine:

‘It was very gradual. Between Christmas and New Year we realised we wanted a future. Big Brother did it for me.

‘I had two weeks to think about everything. And I missed him. I missed him a lot and I thought, ‘When I get out of here, life’s about doing what you want to do, not what everyone else wants you to do’.’

Cassidy now claims that since he has given up drinking, Adam has put his violent nature behind him and has totally turned over a new leaf.

She added: ‘He’s getting help and going to a 12-step programme. It’s been incredible. Without alcohol, Adam isn’t moody or grumpy, falling asleep or calling me names. He just hasn’t got that bad side to him any more.

‘I need to set the record straight because I don’t want women thinking, ‘Oh look, I thought Natalie was really strong when actually she’s really weak and taking back a wife beater’.

‘He wasn’t a wife beater. He’s ill. He’s an alcoholic. He’s not drinking any more. And I think it’s so easy to give up on a relationship.’

Lisa McGarry

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