The new One Direction? Jim Davidson gets mobbed! In a Co-Op! We kid you not!

by Lisa McGarry
jim davidson

jim davidson

Jim Davidson has revealed that his fortunes have changed so much since winning Celebrity Big Brother earlier this month, that he’s started to get mobbed….One Direction style.

The ageing comedian entered the reality TV show in January as one of the bookies’ rank outsiders to win.

He faced charges in a sexual abuse scandal last year, he got himself embroiled in a homophobia scandal when he appeared on Hell’s Kitchen and even his own family didn’t want him taking part in a show which involved him being filmed 24 hours a day.

Somehow it all worked out, though if you believed Lee Ryan you’d think it was all a fix, set up by Channel 5. Thankfully it is against our religion and our deeply engrained moral codes to place any importance on a word that comes out of Mr Blue’s mouth. So we’re all good.


In a new interview with OK magazine Jim opened up about returning to the bosom of the British public once more and he admitted that he’s feeling a little ‘shell-shocked’ by it all.

After calling his win ‘a fluke’ the controversial comic revealed that he’s somehow morphed into Harry Styles in the space of a month and explained:

“I went to go to the Co-Op the other day where I’ve been going for five years and they mobbed me. That’s the power of celebrity. I’ve been a star for 40 years but a celebrity for a month – celebrity’s better!”

jim davidson

It seems all the fame may be going to Jimbo’s head. He teased that he’s planning to have some work done like many of his fellow housemates.

Davidson wants a ‘nip and tuck’, a perma tan and some dye for his ‘ginger pubes.’ But we’re pretty sure he’s kidding.

He’s riding the crest of his popularity that’s for sure and yesterday Jim announced that he’s heading back on tour. The stand up shows will take him to Margate, Weymouth, Clacton, Torquay and Great Yarmouth, with more dates being added soon.

Good on you Jimbo! You’re doing well!

Read the full story in this week’s OK! Magazine – out today.

Lisa McGarry

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