Ohhh Casey Batchelor gives Lee Ryan a mouthful in the Celebrity Big Brother bolt hole!

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It’s fair to say that Casey Batchelor is a woman scorned and she behaved accordingly when she got some time alone with Lee Ryan in the Celebrity Big Brother bolt hole last night.

The glamour model had just been fake evicted from the CBB house along with her former love interest but instead of going home, the pair were sent to the secret hideaway, where they will spend the next two days watching everything their fellow housemates get up to.

The eviction couldn’t have come at a worse time. Earlier in the week, while the stars were still kissing and canoodling we imagine they would have both appreciated the chance to spend 48 hours all alone, but after Ryan discarded Batchelor and hooked up with US actress Jasmine Waltz a few days ago, it’s fair to say that tensions were running high.

As soon as the pair entered the bolt hole Casey lashed out at Lee making it clear that she was upset over him ‘disregarding’ her feelings in the main CBB house.

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Just hours after telling her he needed some space, the Blue singer was making out with Jasmine, first in the privacy of the bathroom but soon in front of the whole group in the living area.

Lee hit back insisted that he hadn’t made any promises to either woman and insisted that he was just having a ‘good laugh’ when he was first handcuffed to Casey in the house.

Ryan claimed it was the booze that caused his canoodling with Batchelor, though admitted that he hasn’t been drunk when kissing Waltz yet.

The conversation descended into bickering as the busty babe insisted that she didn’t believe his claims and wasn’t forgiving his actions.

Ryan pleaded:

“I didn’t know that I’d have feelings for her….”

Casey hit back saying:

casey batchelor

“You could’ve just waited until afterwards, instead of doing it in front of my face.”

“I tried, I did try,” Lee moaned. “But it is so hard when you do like someone. For f*ck’s sake, what am I supposed to do about this?”

He continued making excuses saying:

“Me and you weren’t together anyway…..I don’t understand.”

As he accused her of being dramatic the brunette beauty really lost her temper and shouted:

“You don’t understand? I think everyone outside understands…..maybe you shouldn’t have done what you did in bed, then Lee.”

“You know what, I lay there all of last night and watched you both, next to me, holding hands and blowing kisses at each other!”

Referring to the romp in the toilet, during which Ryan turned on a water tap so that he couldn’t be heard through his mic pack, she continued:

“I watched you in the toilet – tap on – you obviously knew what you were doing.

“I saw it all, I saw it all.”

The singer is now worried about how he’s being perceived in the outside world.

Clearly the jeers and boos from the crowd as he left the crowd unsettled the star and he insisted:

“I haven’t done anything. God, I hate the way I’m being perceived.”

“It’s terrible, everyone hates me.”

Lee and Casey have to spend the next two days alone in the bolt hole, before returning to the house on Friday.

On their return the pair will have a ‘bombshell’ to drop on their fellow housemates and we imagine Casey would love to aim it straight at Jasmine’s prett head!

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