Sophie Anderton reveals Celebrity Big Brother ‘changed my whole life’

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

Model Sophie Anderton has revealed that she’s had the best 2013 ever and that, in part, is down to her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The show does get its fair share of bad reviews, but it seemingly worked for Sophie Anderton as she’s told the Daily Star that her appearance on the show turned her life around and her “career’s finally taken off”.

Speaking to the newspaper, she said: “This year 2013 has been amazing for me and I took a lot of risks, like doing Celebrity Big Brother, but I think they all paid off.

“Life is fantastic and my career is going so well. Who knew that show would turn everything around? As far as I’m concerned, I won Celebrity Big Brother because my career’s really taken off and I’ve never been happier. I’m very content with my lot”.

Not only that, her love life has been given quite the kick-start as well as Sophie revealed she spent Christmas in her country home with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who her boyfriend is, and she wasn’t up for revealing his name either, which may be a good thing – privacy!

She said: “This year is the first time I’ve ever been into Christmas – I even got a stocking for the dog! I went slightly over the top. I’m not very good at doing half measures.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2013

“But when you’re with someone you’re truly in love with, that makes it special, and it was just us on Christmas Day. I cooked and did a full-on Turkey with all the trimmings. As it was our first Christmas together, we bought a tree and planted it by the front gate so it’s always there to remind us – which is very romantic”.

As to what 2014 holds for Sophie, she explained that she hopes to make another appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, she’s climbing Kilimanjaro and she’s taking on the Tough Mudder endurance race.

“I’m hoping to go back on Bit on the Side. It would be quite interesting to be able to comment on other people’s behavior rather than being the subject of everyone’s scrutiny. I think I’ll find it fascinating as a viewer rather than a contestant,” she told the publication.

Sophie continued: “I couldn’t think of starting the new year all lethargic. I feel much better and I’m on a fitness regime at the moment, training and doing Bikram Yoga.

“I’m climbing Kilimanjaro and doing the endurance race Tough Mudder next year. I’m really on a health kick”

Nick Barnes

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