Dancing On Ice 2014: Beth Tweddle fights illness for quarter final routine!

by Lisa McGarry

beth tweddle

Beth Tweddle returned to the ice tonight, for a Dancing On Ice episode, which would include her first solo skate of the series.

The Olympic gymnast is of course the ITV show’s reigning champion and is hoping to hold on to her crown for the 2014 run but tonight she’ll face her toughest challenge yet, when she has to skate without her partner for a full length routine.

She was led in gently though and for her first routine this evening, Beth was skating with her partner Lukasz Rozycki.

It’s been a tough few days and practice sessions didn’t go exactly to plan, as Tweddle fell ill with a virus during the week and then took a nasty tumble during her dress rehearsal yesterday.

She wept:


“This week has been upsetting as I know I can do the routines but my body won’t allow me to do the work I need to do. Hopefully with a bit of rest and sleep I will be ok.”

Skating to Burn tonight Tweddle looked stunning in her skimpy gold costume and we were genuinely impressed with the difficulty and intensity of her moves.

The judges clearly enjoyed it too as they scored Beth 33.

dancing on ice judges


Ashley Roberts: The great thing about you is that you do something different each week, I can tell that the energy is lacking tonight. I know you have it in you, go out and have fun next time if you can.

Karen Barber: It was a tough week and it was a case of not performing it but just getting through it and you did. You know we need to credit your skating…it is great but I thought the performance was a little bit lacking but I know why.

Robin Cousins: It may have been slightly cautious but the skating cranked up a notch. If we hadn’t seen that VT I wouldn’t have known. The athlete kicked in and you did what you had to do.

Jason Gardiner: You are a good, solid contender. You have the technique, you have the ability, we can see you are not here today. I understand you are probably feeling like death. You are coming into the quarter final and you are not on your A game. There isn’t a lot I can say other than I am sorry and I hope you get well.

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