Dancing On Ice 2014: Daniel Whiston wants to headbang Katie Price & teases new romances!


Dan Whiston has revealed that he would love to skate with Katie Price!

The professional ice dancer has starred on the ITV show ever since it’s inception and was as shocked as us when he found out the programme was being cancelled last year.

However if Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean could be convinced to return, Daniel would like to be paired with mum of three Katie and attempt to the headbanger with the busty star.

He told Reveal magazine:

“Katie Price! I’d quite like her. I think she’d want to do really well and she’d be interesting telly. She doesn’t hold back, does she? She goes for it, which I admire.”

He added:

“Maybe I’ll be able to headbanger with Katie Price yet!”

Whiston’s hopes may be dashed though as the current all star series is to be the last.

ITV have invited back 14 fan favourites for the new run – though four have already been voted off – and Daniel is back on the ice with his pal and former show winner Hayley Tamaddon.

hayley tamaddon dan whiston

The handsome star thinks bosses should reconsider their decision to bring Dancing On Ice to an end and said:

“The show has more life in it…..But I guess it’s good that it’s being taken away before it’s ready to. We’re leaving it on such a high.”

Whiston has skated with stars such as Beth Tweddle, Kerry Katona, Jennifer Ellison, Gaynor Faye and Emily Symons over the years but while he became close to all his partners, he insists they never cross the line from friends to something more.

That puts Dan in the minority as Dancing On Ice is a hotbed of romance it would seem.

The show has spawned couples such as David Seaman and Frankie Poultney, actor Matt Lapinskas and Brianne Delcourt, Sylvain Longchambon and Jennifer Metcalfe and then new girlfriend Samia Ghadie. Sam Attwater and Vicky Ogden got engaged last year.

The star understands how people’s feelings develop so quickly on the show and said:

hayley tamaddon

“I do understand it. It’s to do with the closeness you get. You develop a trust with that person, a special friendship and a real sense of loyalty. And often it’ll develop into something else. Will it happen again? Yes, I think it will.”

Jason Gardiner and Karen Barber perhaps?

Daniel and Hayley will return to the ice this weekend as the remaining ten celebrities go head to head for the first time.

After two week of double eliminations, only one star will leave the competition this Sunday and Tamaddon is hoping that her leg heals on time for the show.

The Coronation Street actress suffered an injury last week but she’s heading back into rehearsals today and tweeted yesterday saying:

“Right.I need to sleep..Gonna put the skates on tomorrow morning and see how the leg copes! Lots of catching up to do! #toughcompetition #DOI”

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. T&DMagicForever on January 16, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    I really believe that there is still life in Dancing On Ice.

    I know DOI isn’t like it use to be but I think to end the show this year is far too soon.

    If Torvill and Dean want to slow down then why don’t they have little to do with the show, apart from turn up each sunday and give their view of the ice skaters, and now and again perform on the ice?
    They don’t even after go on the tour either if they don’t want to. That way they get to slow down and not take on a big role on the show, and they wouldn’t have to give up 6 months of their life each year because of the show.

    Dancing On Ice lasts for I think 2 and half months each year. It’s not like they would have to give up 6 months of their life for the show if they don’t take part in the tour, or coach the contestants or come up with ice skating rountines for the contestants would it?

    I love Dancing On Ice and a big fan of Torvill and Dean and I’m shocked that Torvill and Dean want to end a show.

    A few years ago if someone said to Torvill and Dean do you want to end DOI, they would of said NO WAY.

    If I was ITV I would of asked would they still like to be apart of the show if all they had to do was turn up every sunday and give their views of the contestants performance, and now and again perform. That way someone else could take over the roles of coaching and coming up with ice skating routines for the contestants.
    I think they might of given it some thought? Shame ITV hasn’t come up with that idea as it’s a way of saving the show.

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