Dancing On Ice: Christopher Dean dating Karen Barber but Jayne Torvill is ‘glad’ everyone knows about their romance!

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Jayne Torvill has admitted that she’s glad news of her romance with skating partner Christopher Dean has become public knowledge.

The Olympic champions have skated together for decades and had previously insisted that they were nothing more than platonic friends but in an interview with Piers Morgan last year revealed that they once had a short fling and ‘dabbled’ with romance, before marrying their respective partners.

The romance was short lived and fizzled out very quickly and Torvill is glad her fans know the truth and told The Sunday People:

“I’m pleased everyone knows.”

She added:

“Chris revealed it and I’m glad it’s out there.

“I don’t mind that it came out. Everyone knows and I don’t have a problem with it.

“I think it made me laugh really. Chris didn’t know he was going to say anything like that.

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“It’s the way the questions were going and this was a spontaneous answer to that.”

The short fling started when Jayne was 17 and Christopher 16, not long after they first started skating together.

Jayne is now happily married to husband Phil Christensen, and the pair live with their son Kieran and daughter Jessica, whom they adopted when they were babies.

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Chris split from his wife, American skater Jill Trenary, in 2010 and has since confirmed his romance with fellow Dancing On Ice judge Karen Barber.

Barber has two daughters, Laura and Emma, with her former husband. She split from her partner shortly before getting together with Chris Dean, with whom she has been close friends since her teenage years.

While Jayne was happy to have her and Chris’ affair out in the open, Karen didn’t see it that way and during an appearance on This Morning last year she said:

“Piers spoke to me later and asked ‘how do you feel about this?’ and I said ‘look Piers, we have all dabbled.’ ”

Karen added:

“They were 16 and 17 and it was innocent, so much so that I don’t think it needs to be discussed a lot more.”

“We’ve had Dabble-Gate. Hands up if you haven’t dabbled.”

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