Dancing on Ice EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Whiston “Wouldn’t be surprised” if the show returned & what went on between Jorgie Porter & Sylvain Longchambon?

by Nick Barnes
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This year sees the final every year of Dancing on Ice *sob* on ITV, but Daniel Whiston doesn’t think it’s over quite yet…

There have been rumours circulating that Robin Cusons has been in talks to create a new ice skating show as it wasn’t ITV that pulled the plug on Dancing on Ice. Jane Torvil and Christopher Dean decided that they wanted t end the show on a high.

So, since there is so much interest in the show, could we see it return Big Brother style? Of course, Channel 4 axed Big Brother but it reappeared on Channel 5 the following year. Or, could we see another ice skating show pop up on ITV in the near future? Who knows, but Daniel Whiston told me in an exclusive interview that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the show’s format was picked up.

He said: “I haven’t heard that rumour that Robin is in talks with ITV, but what I would say is that the public are really upset that it’s finishing and the amount of tweets that we all have saying ‘It can’t finish this year’ – which is kind of a positive thing in a way, as we’re finishing on a high and people don’t want it to go.

“But, I do think that there is scope for it to carry on somehow so I’d say watch this space. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was picked up by somebody as the concept is still amazing and people still want to see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it carried on in another format”.

Meanwhile, another pressing question that we had for Dan was what exactly went on between Jorgie Porter and Sylvain Longchambon?

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There was a little bit of a barney between Jorgie, Slvain and his new beau Samia Ghadie. In case you’re not up to speed, Jorgie’s good friend Jennifer Metcalfe took part on Dancing on Ice in 2011 and she had a bit of a romance with Sylvain. However, the pair broke up and shortly after, he got frisky with his new partner at the time, Samia Smith and the pair have been together for over a year. So, naturally, it all looked a tad awkward when Jorgie and Slvain were paired up on this year’s Dancing on ice. Some jibes were thrown around along with a bit of a nasty comment from Samia Smith on Twitter.

However, when I asked Daniel if there was any tension between the pair backstage, he was a tad surprised as it looked like they were getting along. But it didn’t look that way when the pair skated during the first live show a couple of weeks back.

Daniel said: “It’s really weird because there wasn’t any tension backstage as they were getting on. Obviously, they’re both professional people and they were looking really good and it is sad they’ve gone. Jorgie had bags of potential, but there was no atmosphere backstage as they were getting on. Obviously, the private life of Sylvain’s has been in the papers and he’s been connected to Samia and all that was taken into consideration as well as their skating. I think everyone read into Sylvain’s personal life as well as their skating performance, but there was no atmosphere backstage and they were getting on”.

Speaking of which, Daniel added that nobody saw it coming when Jorgie Porter and Gary Lucy were eliminated within the first two weeks.

jorgie porter

He said: “There’s no forgiveness this year on anyone’s part. What’s interesting is that it was all the public vote, so public wise and vote wise we have a rough idea who was where. With the bottom three, one went out straight away and two was in the skate off so they know now that they need to work that much harder to get up on the votes.

“Literally nobody is safe this year. In previous years, you could call it and people would be like ‘I think this person is going to win’ but this year, there is no way of calling that because Gary and Jorgie are out of the competition already and nobody would have seen that coming and I think we’ll have a shock every week. There’s no direct route to the final, we’re going to have lots of twists and turns and it’s going to make for interesting viewing”.

Nick Barnes

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