Dancing on Ice’s Phillip Schofield talks Twitter trolls & losing TWO STONE but how has he done it?

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Phillip Schofield is undoubtedly the busiest man at ITV at the moment as wherever you look, he’s always on the TV.

You’ll either tune in of a morning and see him sat on the This Morning sofa, hosting Mr & Mrs, or he’ll be on the Ice on a Sunday night with Dancing on Ice and just recently, The Cube has returned to the channel. In the midst of all the running about, Phillip Schofield has admitted that he’s lost a WHOPPING two stone over the last 10 months… but how exactly has he done it?

Phil isn’t afraid to say that he’s a massive fan of the 5:2 diet, which sees people eating ‘normally’ for five days out of the week and fasting for two days of the week. On the fast days, people on the diet can’t eat any more than 600 calories.

Some will say that such diet ideas are just a load of rubbish, but it has seemingly worked for Phil as he’s over the moon that he’s lost two stone over the last 10 months.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said that he’s reached his target of dropping below 11 stone and it’s all thanks to the 5:2 diet, along with a mix of being rushed off his feet.

phillip schofield christine bleakley

However, Phil doesn’t necessary want to lose any more weight, he just wants to be able to maintain it, which he can still do through the 5:2 diet as he said that it’s “very workable” for him.

During the interview, he went on to speak about some of the trolls that stalk his Twitter account. Now, we know that Phil loves a good tweeting session and some people don’t always agree with some of his tweets.

Speaking about Twitter, Phil said that “it’s the land of the professionally outraged. It is now full of people who want to disagree with you whatever you say or do”.

He admitted that he posted a tweet a few days back in which he said that the finer things in life will do, money is no object, just push the boat out.

The picture he attached to the tweet was actually of a cup-a-soup, but some Twitter users didn’t look at the picture before hurling a torrent of abuse his way.

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“People do jump to conclusions, but that is the fun of Twitter,” he added.

Going on to joke about The Cube, which is back on ITV, Phil said that he would never go in the cube, but he has played some of the games during rehearsals. Some he has been brilliant at, some he’s been useless at.

He recalled one contestant who took a total of 58 minutes to play one of the games as he had a lot of money to win or lose. “It was 58 minutes of my time that I will never get back,” Phil joked.

Phil can be seen on Dancing on Ice this Sunday and also on The Cube! Do you think Phil is looking any trimmer lately and do you think the 5:2 diet works?

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