Dancing On Ice 2010 – 7 March show, liveblogged!

by Gerard McGarry

Tonight’s awesome Dancing On Ice theme is music from the movies. Let’s see if some imagination-bereft act chooses Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. I wonder what other movie cliches will be reheated and served up for our viewing pleasure tonight? Have your guess in the comments!

There’s a very suave intro routine to Luck Be A Lady, which set the pace beautifully. Torvill and Dean announce the required element, which is a Solo Spin, and they’ve required that each skater must spin twice.

Hollywatch: This week, Holly’s wearing a glamorous but demure red dress, which emphasizes that pear-shaped figure to perfection. There’s 50% less boobage than last week, but we’ll survive.


  1. Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston – 30.0
  2. Danny Young and Frankie Poultney – 22.5
  3. Kieron Richardson and Brianne Delcourt – 21.0
  4. Gary Lucy and Maria Filippov – 20.5
  5. Daniella Westbrook and Matthew Gonzalez – 19.5
  6. Mikey Graham and Melanie Lambert – 19.0

Danny Young

Danny and his partner Frankie Poultney are skating to the theme from Rocky. He’s got the bod for this one, hasn’t he ladies? Not a bad routine from Danny tonight – some complicated moves, he got his solo spins in nicely (but did they end a little awkwardly?).

Score: 22.5 Emma: This week you had so much confidence it made your lifts stronger. For me you’re now a contender. Jason: It was brilliant. [Spent a considerable amount of time dribbling about Danny’s topless skating!]

Danniella Westbrook

So, Westbrook gets to show off her acting chops tonight. Sorry, I’ve spent a lot of this section waiting for something to actually happen. There were a couple of nice lifts, but did she do the required number of spins on the solo spin? There wasn’t as much chemistry as there could have been either.

Score: 19.5 Karen: The spin was only one and a half rotations, but otherwise it was a good performance. Robin: I thought after last week you’d be much more tentative. Don’t give up on yourself just yet. Emma: The solo spin wasn’t confident. Please don’t let last week put you off, you are a strong performer.

Mikey Graham

We spot an excuse brewing here – there’s a lot of talk about how much work Mikey’s been doing on the new Boyzone single. Tonight, Mikey and Melanie Lambert are skating to his bandmate Ronan Keating’s You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All. Melanie pulls off the most stunning spin in the middle, while Mikey proves that he’s capable of multiple rotations in the solo spin. Nice routine.

Score: 19.0 Nicky: You got an extra point from me at the death with the spin. I want to see the skating get better than this. You’re not good with your legs. I’ve seen you skate better than you’re skating at the moment. Karen: The spin was very strong, but I see a lot of nerves in your knees. Next week should be a better week. Jason: There’s a lot of times when you’re looking down at the ice. We’re in week 9, come on! You’ve got to look up and out.

Gary Lucy

Gary and Maria are dancing to a song from Pulp Fiction – their costumes might be the best of the night so far, and the routine is lively and fun. Gary seemed to have picked his game up tonight. I’m quite pleased – hope he gets some good scores tonight.

Score: 20.5 Nicky: I took .5 off for the spin. Why I love it is from the start it was soft and your skating is superb – you are going fast and the lifts are secure and strong. Jason: If you have a look, there are a lot of timing issues. You started off very well, then you lost it. You didn’t keep the character going right the way through. Robin: The subtlety of this stylised moving almost allowed you to be yourself. But now, if we can just get a bit more bite and performance out of you, there’ll be fives across the board!

Kieron Richardson

The wardrobe department are doing nothing to dispel those gay rumours surrounding Kieron Richardson with yet another garish pink costume. It’s quite an engaging performance, funny and entertaining. But there are points where it seems a little disjointed or slower than it should be.

Score: 21.0 Robin: It’s more like tortoise and the hare. You’re the first celebrity tonight who’s delivered with confidence. I loved the attack and the energy. Emma: Great fun routine. I love that you’re putting lots of character into the performance now instead of thinking about the steps and lifts.

Hayley Tamaddon

Is it an unfair advantage that Hayley and Daniel get to do the Slumdog Millionaire track, Jai Ho!? It’s the only modern/non-cliche song featured in tonight’s show. I love this couple, but it’s like the boat is being pushed out for their performances. All the same, it’s a captivating routine, I love the Bollywood-influenced moves. The costumes and lighting were lavish, but Hayley looked like she was really working hard tonight – not so much of the cheesy smiling, more concentration in her face. It’s worth noting here that Hayley gets a standing ovation from the panel and 6’s across the board.

Score: 30.0 Robin: That’s the first time we’ve spontaneously stood up for one of our contestants. Jason: From the minute you stepped out onto that ice, you were so in the zone. I knew it was going to be electrifying and it was. That was one of the best performances we’ve ever seen on this show. Nicky: It’s when you’re performing and I feel the hairs on my neck stand on end. It’s so beautiful.


That’s all six performances for tonight. The lowest on the leaderboard are Mikey Graham and Daniella Westbrook, followed closely by Gary Lucy. Who’s going to be in tonight’s skate-off? You tell me…

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