Dancing On Ice 2010: 14 February Show, Liveblogged

by Lisa McGarry

Somehow, in a bid to make the Sunday-evening-eating monster that is Dancing On Ice even more unpalatable, ITV have chosen to hire Michael Ball to replace Robin Cousins. The five-person judging team was overloaded anyway – I’d have been happy to have a four-person panel and more of Jason Gardiner’s classic spiteful comments!

Anyway, we’re covering Dancing On Ice live tonight – this post will have judge’s comments, a scoreboard and some of my own commentary on each act. Enjoy! And leave loads of comments!


Judges scores for tonight’s show are as follows:

  1. Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston – 26.0
  2. Gary Lucy and Maria Filippov – 21.0
  3. Daniella Westbrook and Matthew Gonzalez – 20.0
  4. Kieron Richardson and Brianne Delcourt – 19.5
  5. Mikey Graham and Melanie Lambert – 18.5
  6. Danny Young and Frankie Poultney – 17.0
  7. Sharron Davies and Pavel Aubrecht – 15.0
  8. Emily Atack and Fred Palascak – 13.5
  9. Hilary Jones and Alexandra Schauman – 12.0


Torvill and Dean do a fantastic opening routine – and it looks for a moment that Torvill’s thigh hold on Dean’s neck might end their partnership! They’re joined by the contestants for the later part of this, and hilariously, the moves become so much more basic to accommodate their amateur status!

Daniella Westbrook

Daniella and her partner Matthew Gonzalez are dancing to Florence And The Machine’s You Got The Love – and they perform a couple of instances of the shadow skating element. I’ve really started to respect Daniella as a skater in the competition – she’s much more daring than some of the other skaters.

Score: 20.0 Karen Barber: I love your work ethic, you two give 100% and have such conviction when you skate. Michael Ball: They look like a couple when they’re skating together. The lifts were wonderful to watch. Shame about the little wobble. Jason Gardiner: There are things you have to up your game on. Your eye lines, looking down at the ice still is just not good enough. We still are seeing wobbles out of dismounts, and you need to nail those things. But you are doing very well.

Danny Young

Ex-Corrie star Danny and his partner Frankie Poultney seem to have more dance content in their routine this week. Dancing to Jackie Wilson’s Higher And Higher, the two are bedecked in black and red costumes – an impressive routine, with the tiniest of wobbles right at the end.

Score: 17.0 Jason Gardiner: From my point of view, it still is very unfinished. You still have this overall presentation where it’s unfinished. At the top, there are things you’re still not doing particularly your upper carriage. Nicky Slater: I’m seeing exactly the same as Jason – I’m seeing strong lifts and then there’s a gap. You come out as if you can skate fast, then you stop to do the element. That’s why the marks aren’t higher. Just work on that and then the marks will go up.

Emily Atack

Actress Emily and her partner Fred Palascak are dancing to Saving All My Love For You. Emily’s been a fairly mediocre skater so far in the competition, but earned some of her highest scores last week. A smooth performance, but is it still too slow to meet the judges’ standards?

Score: 13.5 Emma Bunton: I’m afraid it was not as good as last week. Your transitions out of your lifts were not as elegant and were quite messy. I need to see much more. Karen Barber: I think the injury has hindered your training this week. The performance wasn’t as good due to your injury. Michael Ball: You’re a bit passive in the partnership and I’d like to see a bit more passion going into it.

Mikey Graham

Recovering from some low marks last week, Boyzone singer Mikey and his partner Melanie Lambert are positive they’ll recover their status. They’re skating to Love On A Mountain Top. Mikey’s wife Karen is in the audience, and Boyzone pal Ronan Keating has put in an appearance as well. Mikey and Melanie put in a much smoother, more confident performance this week. The marks are bound to be better this week!

Score: 18.5 Nicky Slater: It was so much better than last week. What I liked was the flow over the ice. And when you lost it and had a wobbly moments, you did pull it together for the end. Emma Bunton: Mikey, you are brilliant at what you do, but I want you to get your confidence back. I want to see more performance.

Sharron Davies

Sharron and Pavel Aubrecht have a slight handicap this week with Sharron’s wonky shoulder injury. Drawing the garish pink costumes this week, they’re dancing to Belinda Carlisle’s We Want The Same Thing – a classic track, nice! There are some rough bits, but the lift where she puts her hands on Pavel’s thighs was great to watch.Still, they may lose some points for being clunky in the execution of some moves.

Score: 15.0 Karen: I think you turned a corner this week. I think some of those marks were lower than they should have been. Michael: You are an incredible physical specimen. If you would just lift your head up, your lines would be so imposing. Jason: It’s mechanical. It’s almost like watching an android. You’re devoid of any emotion, you don’t physically express anything. You do the movements, you have a tight upper back and neck.

Hayley Tamaddon

Hayley and her partner Daniel Whiston had a bad tumble on the ice last week. They’re hoping to prove it was a one-off during their routine to Lionel Ritchie’s Endless Love. These two do a gorgeous, flowing routine, and they’re truly a delight to watch each week. I actually thought they were going to kiss at the end!

Score: 26.0 Karen: It was so emotional to watch that, it was beautiful. I’m so proud of you both. Jason: That was sublime, quite simply. I was swept along with your performance – there was a journey, you softened to his touch. I felt the love tonight from the two of you. Michael: It was utterly beautiful and so perfect for tonight.

Hilary Jones

Hilary and his partner Alexandra Schauman are dancing to Higher Love (brilliant song selections tonight) – but Hilary’s going to get roasted for his performance, which is stiff as a 3-day old corpse. The claps were almost laughable, with Alexandra lifting her feet right off the ice and Hilary shuffling beside her.

Score: 12.0 Emma: I absolutely adore you, but I don’t think the competition can really start while you’re still here. I’m sorry. Nicky: There were elements of Todd Carty – I see you doing the movements and you wait for Alex to catch up. I just think you should be competing with passion. It’s safe to me, you’re not giving as much of yourself as you should.

Kieron Richardson

It was funny to watch Kieron and his partner Brianne having a bit of a ‘moment’ when he says it might be their last dance – she pulls her hand away from him, offended! They’re dancing to Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville’s classic Don’t Know Much. It’s a very good routine, but Hayley’s routine has maybe eclipsed Kieron a little tonight.

Score: 19.5 Michael: He was a different skater than last week. It’s the body again, it’s finding the strength in the neck, dropping the shoulders. Nicky: Still, your arms at times are very weak, but you are relating to each other and as a skating performance, I am impressed.

Gary Lucy

Nice guy Gary and his partner Maria Filippov are dancing to My Cherie Amour tonight. His biggest problem as ever is his lack of passion in his performances. Gary has the technical competence, but can be quite mechanical. They start off by strolling together, then segue into a routine that can only be described as ‘nice’. It was good, but he’d not listening to the judges’ suggestions. Either that, or he’s not capable of acting on them.

Score: 21.0 Nicky: I was so impressed – from the start it was gentle, easy on the eye for me. You were the leading man, and I loved the way the movements were seamless. I loved it. Jason: The romantic lead you have in your back pocket – I think you sat on him and crushed him mate. You have the emotional depth of tissue paper. You have one smile on your face all the way through. Yes, you move beautifully across the ice. You could give us so much more, but you hold back every week.

Th-th-that’s all folks…

That’s the performance part of the show over for the evening. For my money, Hayley Tamaddon was the strongest performer of the night, while Dr Hilary Jones needs to be leaving at this stage. Have your say in the comments section below.

We’ll be back later with coverage of the skate-off and elimination – see you then!

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