Dancing On Ice 2010: Tana Ramsay was nervous about skating in front of kids

Dancing on Ice contestant Tana Ramsay has admitted that she was very nervous about performing in front of her children a few weeks ago.

At the press launch of the show, Tana said: “When Gordon brought the kids to watch me for the first time a couple of Sundays ago I was really nervous because I kept thinking they might be disappointed. But they really enjoyed it.

“I think all my family just think I’m slightly mad, in fact probably completely mad, but at the same time they are pleased that I’m trying something different.”

The 35-year-old also admitted that she was worried that she wouldn’t be fit enough for the demanding schedule of the show.

She said: “Before this I thought I was quite fit because I run, but the fitness required for figure skating is in a whole different league.”

Lisa McGarry

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