Dancing On Ice 2013: Anthea Turner is missing everyone but admits she would have struggled with ‘The Leveller’

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Anthea Turner has revealed that she is gutted to have been eliminated from Dancing On Ice last night.

The domestic goddess found herself in the skate off with Keith Chegwin, after the judges berated her for not skating alone enough during her third routine of the series.

She performed well, but once again leaned too heavily on her partner and the panel almost unanimously voted to save Cheggers and send Turner home.

Speaking on This Morning today, Anthea admitted that she got very ’emotional’ after her elimination and explained:

“It’s a mixed emotion. I think you know you’re going to miss everybody. I’ve been doing Dancing On Ice since towards the end of October and I woke up this morning and thought ‘oh, now what do I do?'”

“I felt really emotional because it becomes a family and I think that’s what you miss.”

anthea turner

However, the TV star knows she would have struggled this weekend, as a new element called The Leveller came into force. As part of the new rules, all skaters must perform totally alone for a segment of their routine on Sunday and Turner knows this would have proved difficult for her. She said:

“This week would have been harder for me, because I know I had to dance on my own.”

“It’s like a lot of things, skiing, horse riding, it’s all about confidence, confidence on the ice. I do think that now the gauntlet has gone down this week and everyone has to skate on their own, I would have risen to the challenge, of course I would.”

“I would have struggled, but I would have done it.”

Anthea is grateful for her Dancing On Ice experience though and said the show came at the ‘right time’ in her life. She continued:


“It came at the right time in my life. I needed to focus on something else and I focussed.”

She tweeted her thanks to her fans last night, saying:

“On way home thank you for all your fab messages. Loved @dancingonice had amazing time. See you on @itvthismorning tomorrow Xxxxx”

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