Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle ‘I’m out of my territory’ – Jason Gardiner brands Lauren Goodger ‘forgettable’

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Beth Tweddle has admitted that she’s incredibly nervous about this week’s Dancing On Ice final.

The Olympic medal winning gymnast has made it through to the final three and will take to the ice on Sunday, to perform against Luke Campbell and Matt Lapinskas in the last show of the series.

She has been a front runner since week one and will perform at least twice at the weekend. In fact if she’s lucky and not eliminated first, she’ll even get to showcase her and Dan Whiston’s new Bolero routine.

The though makes Tweddle a little scared and yesterday she confessed:

“Obviously I am really excited but I’m a little bit nervous. I have got to do it for the girls.”

She added:

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“Competing in the Olympics was one thing but this is a completely different challenge. I am out of my territory.”

Meanwhile, for most of the judges this won’t be their first finale but for Ashley Roberts it’s a brand new experience. She joined the panel for the first time in January 2012, after impressing ITV bosses during her appearance on I’m A Celebrity and revealed that she’s been having the ‘best time’ ever since. Roberts said:

“I have had the best time, what an amazing series. All the celebs have been stepping it up and we have some good competition going on here.”

Karen Barber returned to the panel this year after spending a few series coaching and staying behind the scenes. She says it hasn’t been hard to step in front of the cameras again and explained:

dancing on ice judges 2013

“It’s easy. I’ve spent my life skating, I can coach and I can judge as you can see each week. I do [get close to the celebrities] and that’s not a bad thing but that’s my Monday to Friday job, come Sunday I sit here and I’m impartial. It’s about the performance.”

She has been forced to sit alongside her nemesis Jason Gardiner though and it’s fair to say that he hasn’t been any less controversial this series.

dancing on ice judges

He caused controversy with his ‘locked in syndrome’ comments to Shayne Ward and speaking yesterday on This Morning he didn’t hold back when passing comment on who he viewed as the ‘worst’ skaters of 2013. The Australian choreographer said:

“I think…. you know bless him, Joe [Pasquale] technically wasn’t great but he was a wonderful personality. Lauren [Goodger] she actually was forgettable.”

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