Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle rehearses until last minute – Luke Campbell & Gareth Thomas are fast asleep!

beth tweddle

Beth Tweddle is obviously determined to make it to next Sunday’s Dancing On Ice final, so much so that she has barely left the rehearsal rink this week.

The Olympic medal winning gymnast clearly has the dedication and drive to succeed, which is how she got so far in her own field and just two hours before tonight’s live semi final the sports star was still practicing her flying routine for the penultimate show.

She will be up against Luke Campbell, Gareth Thomas and Matt Lapinskas for one of three places in next week’s grand finale and Beth isn’t taking any chances with her performance apparently.

Her professional partner Dan Whiston told The Sun earlier in the week that Beth was working hard on bringing out her sexy side for this evening and she was clearly still tweaking it all tonight, because she tweeted:

beth tweddle, dan whiston

“Training done time to get ready for show!”

However some of the other semi finalists took a much more easy going approach to the episode and Beth revealed a picture of Luke and Gareth fast asleep with the caption:

“@gareththomas14 and @luke11campbell having a power nap!”

Tonight will see all four stars coming to terms with some pretty dangerous stunts, as they are suspended above the rink from a high wire, and guided around by their partners.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean teased:

jayne torvill chris dean

“You might want to set your DVR’s to record. You might want to play it back.”

Head coach Karen Barber revealed that all four stars, but particularly Gareth were struggling in training earlier this week and she said on This Morning:

They will all fly around the rink on high wires on Sunday and speaking on This Morning yesterday Karen Barber revealed:

“We haven’t done it for a couple of years and I realise why we haven’t done it because it’s proving difficult and they are all struggling.”

“It’s motion sickness and Gareth was very sick. He is such a big guy, it’s a struggle to get him into the harness in the first place, let alone to have his partner, who is a slight little thing, try to manipulate him. Gareth is struggling.”

She tweeted two hours ago saying:

“In dress rehearsals and time is flying by x”

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