Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle says she needs a job, adding “It’s really not true” that she’s rich!

by Lynn Rowlands

beth tweddle

Dancing On Ice and Olympic gymnastics star Beth Tweddle has revealed that, contrary to popular opinion, she’s not rich, and that being the case, when DOI ends, she needs to find herself a new job!

Beth, who of course landed a bronze medal at the Olympics in London last year, told the Mirror, “Everyone thinks that if you had success at the Olympics you must be a millionaire.

“But it’s really not true.”

And after spending two decades competing in her sport, Beth revealed that she’s moving on to something else, but she has no idea what that might be.

She said, “I’ve got to look at my options for the future, but I’ve no idea what my career path might be.

“I obviously have to find another career and do something else, which is why a lot of people do sponsorship deals and things as they move on.

“But we need to support ourselves one way or another.

“I could end up doing almost anything in the future – I’ve no idea what I’m going to do long term at the minute. I’m taking my time to think.

“For 20 years gymnastics was my life and I didn’t have to worry or think about anything else.

“But I was lucky with the fact that my parents were very supportive and I have got an education behind me so I’ve got options.”


During the interview, Beth also revealed that she’s not letting some of the DOI judges’ criticisms – and especially those made by acerbic judge Jason Gardiner – affect her.

She said, “I’m not going to let myself get upset by the judges’ comments.

“I knew that there would be criticism but it’s very different to what I’m used to and I’ve got to learn about the performance aspects of things.

“I’ve spent my life being judged on my performances and they have been much more intimidating than Jason.

“Obviously you can’t please everybody, and I’ve had some tough critics over the years, so you just have to take it and use it constructively if you can do.

“Karen [Barber] and Robin [Cousins] are the experts on skating. Robin’s an absolute legend in his sport so I’m happy to take anything he wants to say on board.

“You just take it on the chin as positive criticism and go away and work on that, because the show is about improving.”

And finally, Beth said, “I’m really keen to stay in the competition as long as possible. I’m enjoying every minute of it.

“I love the costumes too, but they have to be careful with the fittings because I do the splits a lot and I don’t want to have any embarrassing slip-ups!”

Here’s a reminder of her performance last week…

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