Dancing On Ice 2013: Gareth Thomas struggling with “Elephant Man” foot injury!

gareth thomas

Poor Gareth Thomas is going to have a hard time performing on Dancing On Ice on Sunday night, if reports are to be believed.

The rugby star has been struggling with an agonising foot infection this week, which has left him unable to skate and rehearse, The Sun reports.

Insiders say the strapping sportsman sought medical attention yesterday, after his foot swelled up, looking like something out of the “Elephant Man”.

Last night a source told The Sun:

“Gareth woke up this morning and his foot was terribly swollen. He went to rehearsals but the coaches ordered him straight off the ice.

“He was taken to a doctor, who diagnosed him with an infection — caused by spending so much time in skates — and prescribed him antibiotics.

“He didn’t rehearse today and has been told to come back to the rink tomorrow, when medics will decide whether or not he is fit to skate.”

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Gareth is one of the front runners on the ITV show and has been topping the leaderboard since he started the series. He’s worried that this could put an end to all that though and the source added;

“We are hoping it will not stop him from appearing on the show at the weekend, but it all depends on how well the infection heals over the next few days.

“If he does manage to make it onto the ice it will certainly be very painful for him, so it will almost certainly impact on his performance.”


Thomas tried to put in a few hours on the rink yesterday but it was a painful experience for him and he tweeted:

“Morning all.Got a foot like the elephant man this morning!! Super swollen !! Getting ready for two hours of pain in a skating boot!!;(”

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