Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner boasts about his big willy and blasts attention seeking Pamela Anderson!

jason gardiner

Jason Gardiner has been boasting about the size of his manhood. Nice!

The Dancing On Ice judge is loving being back in the spotlight again and in an interview with Now magazine he spoke about what makes him such a great catch as a boyfriend.

It seems everything is going right for the dance expert at the minute, as not only has he landed his old job back on the judging panel of the ITV ice skating show, but he’s also bagged himself a new hot boyfriend.

He told the magazine that he’s not surprised he’s found a great man to romance, because in his own words:

“I’ve got a fantastic personality and a big d*** too!”

A big willy? It sounds more like his big head is the issue here!


Jason also insisted that he wasn’t sacked by ITV bosses last year, when they brought in Louie Spence to take his place on the ice panel. Instead, he says he walked away from the series, because he felt he’d had ‘enough’ after his constant rows with Karen Barber and the negative press attention he received.

He said he found it hard to be constantly ‘vilified’ and continued”

“A lot had happened, but in the end it was a calculated decision to leave. I’d really thought about it – I wasn’t throwing my toys out the pram. I’d had enough.


“I was vilified for doing what I’ve always done – keeping it interesting.

“I thought: ‘F*** them all.’ It’s a shame that soured it.”

Jason received death threats, online hate and constant abuse when he was out and about. He tried to show a different side to his personality through jobs like presenting stints on This Morning and fashion work on other TV shows but in the end people just thought of him as the nasty Dancing On Ice judge.

He found it all too hard to cope with and walked away. Gardiner added:

“People forget – you’re human just like everybody else. When you’re up, you can deal with it. When you’re down and everyone’s turning on you it’s hard.”


After saying all that, Jason took to Twitter to show just how he earned his Mr Nasty name and wasted no time in slating former contestant Pamela Anderson.

She was voted off the ITV show in week one but yesterday stories appeared in the press, claiming that she was dating her professional partner Matt Evers. Jason thinks it’s all just a bit of attention seeking and tweeted:

“Well I guess she’s gotta try n keep herself in the press somehow! But this is just so tragic and desperate!”

Watch one of Jason’s most dramatic Dancing On Ice moments and leave your comments below…

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