Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner hasn’t seen Karen Barber since being sacked and he doesn’t care!

by Lisa McGarry

Jason Gardiner has admitted that he has had no contact with former Dancing On Ice colleague Karen Barber since he was sacked from the show last year.

In the 2010 series the 41-year-old insulted the ice skating champion on air, mocking her job as head judge, insinuating that she had been demoted and brushing off her fury at his caustic comments towards the contestants.

She ended up in tears on the ITV show and the incident prompted hundreds of complaints from viewers. It is believed that the row and the ensuing scandal is one of the reasons that the choreographer was binned and replaced for the 2011 series.

However, Jason is coming back and after ratings fell last year bosses have rehired the Australian star. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be even trying to make amends with Karen when the series begins in January 2013 and he told Metro:

‘For me I don’t really care how she feels. I’m coming back to do my job and that’s all I care about. If she takes exception to that, if she has problems with that, they are entirely all hers. ‘

He added:

‘Karen and I have had absolutely no communication since I left the show. There’s no denying we’re not exactly bosom buddies.’

‘I would like to hope it’s all a clean slate and let bygones be bygones. How Karen wishes to play it and how she reacts is certainly her choice.’

Jason is elated to be coming back and to be reclaiming his seat from Pineapple dance Studios star Louie Spence and he admitted:

‘I’m really excited you know, it was a shock when I got the call from ITV they said “we’d really like to get you back for next year”’

‘Now after a lot of negotiating we’re all really thrilled, I’m absolutely thrilled.’

The star took to twitter last night and promised that he will be as straight talking as ever when the series kicks off in just over a month’s time. He wrote:

“To all who have sent me messages congratulating me on my return to DOI, I humbly give thanks. I promise to keep it real, as always. XX”

He also shared this picture with his followers, with the caption:

“Brilliant day filming TV promo for DOI. Coming soon to telly near you!”

Will you be glad to have Jason back, or will you be missing Louie? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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