Dancing On Ice 2013: Jayne Torvill admits she did get sexy with Christopher Dean (who’s now dating Karen Barber!)

by Lisa McGarry

jayne torvill chris dean

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have admitted that things weren’t always totally platonic between them.

The former Olympic medal winning ice skaters have enjoyed a career together which has spanned four decades, after they were first paired together in 1975.

The Dancing On Ice mentors have always denied that they were ever romantically involved, despite being practically inseparable during their younger years, however in a recent interview they have confessed that they may have told a few porkies along the way.

The pair filmed their show for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last night and revealed that they did once hook up, though they claim it didn’t last very long.

Morgan broke the news on Twitter, tweeting:

“BREAKING NEWS ‘Yes, we dabbled…’ – @torvillanddean finally admit to a romantic past together, albeit a very short one… #LifeStories.”

torvill dean dancing on ice

That admission certainly goes against what the pair told The Telegraph in an interview, when Chris insisted:

“It was always about the skating. To get to a certain level, it takes up all your time. Even if you’re not an item together, you don’t have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend outside of that.”

Jayne later said:

She said: “We decided very early on that if we had slept together we couldn’t have skated.”

We don’t know how Christopher’s girlfriend Karen Barber will feel about the revelation, though since she has known both stars since their early days, we’d assume she already knows their shared history.

Christopher’s first wife, fellow skater Isabelle Duchesnay, wasn’t so understanding though and he admitted that she used to berate him over his closeness with Torvill.

He said: “She used to say there were three people in our marriage.”

We have to admit, we’re very much looking forward to seeing this episode of Life Stories, as it sounds like quite the cosy affair.


Professional skater Dan Whiston took part and the pair tweeted him last night saying:

“@TheDanWhiston Thank you for being part of our special evening! Jx”

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