Dancing On Ice 2013: Luke Campbell’s fiance tells him to be more sexy with Jenna Smith!

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Luke Campbell has admitted that he’s been told he needs to work on his chemistry with his Dancing On Ice partner. However, the surprising thing about the story is that the instructions were given to him by his fiancé!

The Olympic medal winning boxer has performed twice on the ITV show to date and so far avoided elimination. However, if he wants to stay in the competition his wife to be Lynsey Kraanan says he needs to get sexier and work on his connection with Jenna Smith.

“Jealousy is not an issue,” Luke told The Daily Star.

“I understand how people can get jealous as you spend so much time together. But Lynsey is great. She’s the first to say: ‘You’ve got to have more chemistry on screen.’

“She came up to me after show one and said that Jenna and I needed to have more chemistry.

“I was like: ‘What, do you want me to stick my tongue down her throat?’”


Luke is struggling to be so intimate with another woman, as he and Lynsey are childhood sweethearts and he is not used to getting up close and personal with anyone else.

He revealed that he finds the whole situtaion very ‘unusual’ and continued:

“It’s unusual for me to spend so much time with another woman. Lynsey is my first girlfriend and I’ve never spent time with anyone else.

“When I’m not with her, I’m with my mates. The best thing in a relationship is that you trust each other.”

He said that trust has been tested on many occasions, as Kraanan models and often works away with members of the opposite sex.

“For years, she was modelling and was away a lot as well,” he explained.

“She used to go away to shoots in Barbados for a couple of weeks modelling with male models. But we trust each other and are always there for each other.”

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Jason Gardiner gave Luke and Jenna quite the tongue lashing on Sunday night and it wasn’t the first time he had criticised the pair either. He wasn’t happy with the performance element of their routines and Luke doesn’t expect him to get any more positive in the coming weeks. He tweeted after the main show saying:

“If you enjoyed it tonight pls vote for me! Me and Jason are just getting warmed up haha.”

After Oona King was eliminated, he added:

“A massive thank you to every one that kept me in! I really appreciate it 😊. X I don’t think that Jason likes me though haha”

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