Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas says his EastEnders girlfriend Shona McGarty is jealous of his skating partner Brianne Delcourt!

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Fans of Dancing On Ice will no doubt be aware of the debacle caused by the rumoured romance between contestant Samia Ghadie – who plays Maria Connor in Corrie – and pro-skater Sylvain Longchambon, who allegedly ditched Jennifer Metcalfe so that he could date Samia…

However, Samia has denied that she and Sylvain are an item, but irrespective of whether they are or not, Hollyoaks actress Jennifer has pulled out of ITV’s new diving show Splash! citing being “too upset” to compete.

And it seems yet another romance could be on thin ice as Matt Lapinskas, who formerly starred in EastEnders, reckons his girlfriend Shona McGarty – who plays Whitney Dean on the soap – is jealous of Matt’s skating partner, Brianne Delcourt and her amazing figure…

Speaking to TV Biz, Matt, who played Anthony Moon on ‘Enders, said, “Brianne is brilliant, we have great chemistry on the ice.

“She’s got great boobs!”

And of how Shona feels about him spending so much time with the gorgeous Brianne, Matt said, “Shona got jealous at the start so I made her meet Brianne and they’re good friends now.”

However, she may not be overjoyed to hear that much of the training Matt and Brianne have done so far involves him coming into contact with her lady parts!

He said, “I was doing a sit lift, where your hand goes in the middle of her bum, and I was a bit too low…

“Brianne was like, ‘Yeah you’re on my cha-cha’. I said, ‘Sorry mate’ and she said, ‘Move your hand to the right.’

“When I hold her sometimes she’s like, ‘You’re on my bits!’

matt lapinskas, brianne delcourt

“It is quite embarrassing but obviously Brianne is used to it.”

He added, “I’ve grabbed boob. I’ve been slipping over trying to hold on to something.”

That’s possibly the best excuse I’ve ever heard!

However, in all seriousness, Matt has suffered a few injuries thanks to his many falls.

He explained, “I’ve fallen over loads of times. I smashed my hip doing a twirl, I cracked the back of my head falling over on the ice lifting Bri.

“We were doing a lift and she started kicking her legs. I went underneath her and she landed on me.

“There was nearly an early fatality there.

“Once you fall over five or six times you get used to it. You just hit the ice and get back up.”

This year’s DOI debuts tomorrow at 6.15pm, but Matt says that although he’s excited for the show to get underway, that enthusiasm will be marred by sadness as one celebrity must leave the contest.

He said, “Even though Sunday is exciting, it’s going to be a sad day because someone will go home.”

Here’s a reminder of the show’s trailer…

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