Dancing On Ice 2013: Phillip Schofield warns Lauren Goodger about partying!

phillip schofield

Phillip Schofield has issued a few words of warning to Dancing On Ice contestants that he thinks aren’t taking the show seriously enough.

Daniel Whiston revealed yesterday that he almost lost a testicle during recent rehearsals with Beth Tweddle and Keith Chegwin has been very open about the broken ribs and other injuries he received after falling on the ice last year.

Schofield presents the ITV show and thinks the injuries could continue, especially if hopefuls such as Lauren Goodger continue to neglect their training and practice sessions in favour of partying and drinking.

He told The Mirror:

“The celeb contestants know their levels and they know what’s at stake and if you have been training for months and months and you party and blow it then that’s up to you.”

lauren goodger

The silver fox added:

“I do worry about the injuries than can incur.

“I’ve seen blood no the ice and actually it’s really hard to scrape up, once they smack their faces on the ice they’ve got to get it up really quickly or it soaks in so it’s a nasty business. It’s dangerous.

“But the celebrity contestants know what they sign up to and that’s why I think the one’s that do are very, very brave.


“Of all the celeb reality shows I think it’s the toughest.”

It was reported yesterday that TOWIE star Lauren had been reprimanded by show bosses, who were upset after she consistently turned up late to rehearsals, if at all.

The reality TV star will perform for the first time this Sunday night and is very nervous about her Dancing On Ice debut. However, yesterday she denied the claims that she’s been told off.

She tweeted:

“4 the record-the whole article is factually incorrect!I’ve been taking training seriously & working so hard.Cant wait 2show u all on Sunday!”

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