Dancing On Ice 2013 results: Joe Pasquale naked…with a badger on his back? What?

by Lisa McGarry

joe pasquale

Joe Pasquale has admitted that he had some very unorthodox methods when it came to beating stress on Dancing On Ice.

The comic was voted off the show last night, after finding himself in the skate off against Keith Chegwin, after which the judges unanimously saved Cheggers.

Speaking on This Morning today, the comic revealed that he had a very positive experience on the series and that when he did get stressed, he and his partner Vicky had a novel way of dealing with the nerves.

He explained:

“I look at the whole thing as a positive experience, because I didn’t get stressed at all. The only time I got stressed was at the very beginning of the show when they said ‘Please welcome Joe Pasquale and his partner.'”

“My knees would go a little bit then but we worked out a method where I could breathe through it. I pretended we were on our own and I was completely naked with a badger on my back.”



Joe went head to head with his long time friend Keith last night but insisted that he didn’t feel at all competitive towards his pal. He said he was just trying to better his own performance, having come such a long way and continued:

“Against Keith there is no competition, there really isn’t, the only person I was in competition with was myself.”

He said:

joe pasquale

“If you had seen me on the very first day, I was like…I did half an hour on the ice and thirty times, once a minute I fell over.”

“I kept saying to Chris [Dean] ‘how do you expect me to get to this certain level in a couple of months’ time?'”

Joe is no longer competing in the ice skating show, which he thinks is a shame, because he had big plans for the final. The last three contestants each get to perform their version of Torvill and Dean’s Olympic routine, The Bolero and it sounds as though Pasquale’s would have been quite the spectacle.

He giggled:

“I would like to have had a go at the Bolero , as I had a plan for the costume. I was going to have a great big pigeon’s head on top and a rubber chicken tied around my neck.”

That sounds a bit manic! Leave your comments below…..

Lisa McGarry

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