Dancing On Ice 2013 results: Who left? Samia Smith & Sylvain Longchambon or Keith Chegwin?

by Lisa McGarry

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Tonight’s Dancing On Ice saw the contestants taking on a new challenge and for the first time in the series performing as a team.

Team Matt – Matt Lapinskas, Luke Campbell and Gareth Thomas – went head to head with Team Beth – Beth Tweddle, Samia Ghadie and Keith Chegwin – and after their last performances, the judges chose the boys as their favourite group and as such the trio saw their scores on the leaderboard doubled, leaving the other three in danger of elimination.

On the results show Jason tried to throw a spanner in the works for Luke though, as just before the voting lines closed, he insisted the Olympic boxer had an ‘attitude problem’ and not the right outlook to make the final next month.

After his tirade, Phillip Schofield finally revealed which two contestants would be in the skate off and luckily for Campbell, Jason’s comments had no effect and it was confirmed that Samia Smith and her partner Sylvain Longchambon were up against three times skate off champion Keith Chegwin in the bottom two.

keith chegwin

Keith and Olga were first up, and revealed that they would be recycling an old save me routine, with just a few extra moves added this evening. This was because Keith had three other routines to learn over the past seven days.

All in all it was a good showing and Chegwin definitely performed it better the second time round but he seemed to have accepted that he was more than likely going home. Afterwards he said:

“This week has been a challenge with four routines, it was nice to do that one though and this lady [Olga] I can’t thank her enough.”

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

Samia was next up with her routine to ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ and she confessed that she was glad to finally be getting the chance to perform it. It was polished, smooth and nice to watch, but as always the performance consisted mostly of the Corrie star being lifted and thrown around by Sylvain. She did very little independently. Afterwards she said:

“That was fun, I enjoyed that. I have expected to be here every week, so it was a long time coming.’

dancing on ice judges

The judges cast their vote after both performances and Karen voted to save Samia over Keith. Ashley agreed but Jason backed Keith because of his opponent’s timing issues. Robin had the casting vote then and he praised Chegwin, calling him a ‘joy’ but chose to side with the ladies and save Ghadie.

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