Dancing On Ice 2013: Samia Ghadie hospitalised after rehearsal with Sylvain Longchambon goes wrong!

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Samia Ghadie has admitted that she was forced to seek medical attention recently, after one of her moves on the ice rink went wrong.

The Coronation Street actress is starring on Dancing On Ice currently and performed on the first live show with Sylvain Longchambon last Sunday night. The pair received good comments from the judges – all except Jason Gardiner of course – ad while the brunette beauty was pleased with the positive reaction she’s admitted that there have been some tough moments leading up to their big ice debut.

Apart from the furore surrounding her personal life – she recently broke up with boyfriend of two years Will Thorp and Sylvain split from his partner amidst reports that the new partners are having a torrid affair – Samia revealed that learning to skate has created it’s own challenges and revealed that she’s already attended hospital after sustaining concussion following a fall.

The actress told The TV Times:

“I had an operation on my wrist in August and wear a wristguard, so I was conscious not to fall on it.
“Because of that I didn’t put my hands out, and fell straight on the back of my head on the ice.”

samia sylvain

“Within 10 minutes I got back on the ice, but later that day, whilst filming Corrie, I was still feeling a bit weird so they sent me to hospital.”

Samia was petrified before taking to the rink to skate at the weekend and is glad she won’t be back for almost two weeks, as other skaters will perform this weekend.

She revealed that working on the ITV show is even scarier than when she appeared on the live Corrie episode recently and explained:


“This is far worse than live Corrie. I’d rather do live Corrie every day for a year than this as at least I know what I’m doing there; this is completely alien to me.”

The beauty does feel safe with her handsome partner though and tweeted a link to this video yesterday, saying:

“Ok.. this is why i feel safe in @slongchambon arms! #amazing”

She added:

“Thank you SO much to everyone that voted for me and @slongchambon last night! So happy we can skate on!! Hope u enjoyed the show! Xx 😃”

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