Dancing On Ice 2013: Samia Ghadie says Jennifer Metcalfe’s friends tormented her over Sylvain Longchambon romance

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

Samia Ghadie has FINALLY confirmed that she is dating her Dancing On Ice partner…..not that we didn’t already know that.

The Coronation Street star was paired with Sylvain Longchambon last year and the pair started rehearsing for the ITV show in November, in preparation for the series launch in January.

Within weeks she had split from her boyfriend Will Thorp and at Christmas the French hunk dumped his long term partner Jennifer Metcalfe, who he had hooked up with when he skated with her two series’ before.

Jennifer was less than discreet about their breakup and blamed Samia for the split from the word go, however in a new interview the actress insisted that she did not date Longchambon before he was single and she revealed that she was targeted on Twitter by many of Jen’s friends who believed she wrecked their romance.

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon

She told OK!: ‘A few of Jennifer’s friends targeted me on Twitter and sent the most vile tweets you can ever imagine. I knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong.’

‘People thought we had been having an affair behind her back that I had stolen her man, and it absolutely wasn’t true.’

Ghadie looks every bit the vixen on the cover of the magazine and is posing with a bare chested Sylvain while she is dressed just in skimpy lingerie. She claims that they didn’t get together before they were single though and told the publication just how their relationship came about.

Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon Dancing on Ice 2

The Coronation Street was eliminated from Dancing On Ice last Sunday and as she is no longer competing in the series she is glad that she ‘can finally say that we are together,’ and revealed that she and her new French boyfriend hope they can ‘live a normal life’ like a normal couple.

She went to great lengths to assure her fans that she didn’t start dating Sylvain until after he had left Jennifer but revealed that he wasn’t happy with the brunette beauty beore she even came along.

Samia said:

‘I just wanted to scream out that we’ve not done anything wrong. We have not cheated. We have not stolen anybody from anyone else.

‘What should Sylvain have done? Should he have stayed with Jennifer even if he wasn’t happy?’

We have to admit we do feel a little bit sorry for Jennifer if she bought a copy of OK this week, as now that they’ve come out, they’ve really gone for it and in a series of photos Samia and Sylvain pose in bed together as the bare chested performer shows his tight abs.

They also appear in various rooms and locations around the stunning Peckforton Castle in Cheshire.

samia ghadie sylvain longchambon 1

In one shot the actress gazed into her new man’s eyes and clutched at his hands and in a second, she posed on the steps of the castle, with her arms wrapped around her French hunk possessively.

In the last photo she sat on his knee and smiled, as the couple showed their best and glamorous evening wear, while staring dreamily at one another.

The pair have been bombarded with supportive tweets following their interview and one fan messaged them yesterday saying:

““@Caz22: @slongchambon ignore the haters as long as u & @realsamia r happy & know the truth that’s all that matters xx” ”

Another tweeted:

“Don’t know what everyones problem with @realsamia is she’s so gorgeous! X”

A third wrote:

“@realsamia hope u are @slongchambon are good, u make a great couple, dont let the haters get to u, its none of there business xx”

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