Dancing on Ice 2014: Ray Quinn’s slowed down, romantic performance wins PERFECT scores

by Nick Barnes
ray quinn

ray quinn

Taking to the ice next this evening is king of the leaderboard Ray Quinn.

Last week during ‘80s week, Ray managed to top the leaderboard once again, but it wasn’t for that dodgy mullet he had going on…

In total, Ray managed to score 39.5 last week and he’s hoping he can go on to score that elusive 40 on tonight show.

But, king of speed Ray Quinn is actually slowing things down on this evening’s show – could that be a good or a bad thing for him? A slot dance routine will flag up any technical errors he may have, that she judges may miss during quite a speedy skate around the rink.

In a video recorded earlier this week, Ray said: “We’re really excited about our routine for Sunday as it’s the one we made up together.

“The week we were meant to make one up ourselves, we didn’t get to skate it because fortunately for us we won the duel, so they said to us that they’ll give us the option to skate it at some point, so we’re really excited”.

ray quinn

Maria went on to add that it’s really exciting that the pair will get to skate their own routine this week, and it’s also to slower music. Ray added that they’ve shown variety every week, so this week is something totally different to what they’ve done in the past. “I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit,” he said.

In his VT prior to skating on tonight’s show, Ray added that he was so happy with his score last week, and the brilliant comments. He also said it was nice to have Jason fighting his corner last week as Nicky was judging him by olympic standards.

The pair skated to Ed Sheeran’s Lego House this evening and the slower pace was welcomed after a number of fast paced skates over the weeks. It seemed to add so much to the artistic element of the performance.

In total, Ray and Maria managed to score a total of  points.

dancing on ice judges

Judges Comments

Ashley Roberts: It’s the little things you execute to perfectly. It was gorgeous and so beautiful.

Karen Barber: It was emotional and when Maria skates with you, you give her the confidence that you perform as equals. It was a pleasure to watch.

Jason Gardiner: That was dancing on ice! You don’t require the big tricks or any of the lifts. What you do is you dance, you commit and you have a beautiful connection.

Nicky Slater: It’s the whole package really. IT’s soft and tong. It has so many little elements in the choreography. You don’t have the speed on this small surface but you have detail and quality, which is what professional dancers strive for.

Nick Barnes

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  1. maggie on February 16, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    Ray Quinn has such an arrogance about him and Jason certainly favours him

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