Dancing on Ice 2014: Team Ray were all greased up but can they slide through with double points?

by Nick Barnes
Dancing on Ice 2014: Ray Quinn, Kyran Bracken, Sam Attwater

Dancing on Ice 2014: Ray Quinn, Kyran Bracken, Sam Attwater

In a bid to mix things up a little bit this week, Dancing on Ice pitted the boys against the girls as they worked on their own separate routines.

The skaters of course had their own individual skating routines this evening, but as there’s three boys and three girls left in the competition, what perfect time to pit them against each other! Who’s the better half, boys or girls? Not only that, the winning team will have their scores DOUBLED on the leaderboard.

It would seem like the lads were particularly excited about this evening’s group dance as Ray tweeted yesterday to say it was a “BIG DAY” tomorrow.

He’s also had his spray tan done ahead of tonight’s show!

Sam went on to tweet: “Loving both routines for tonight’s show! It’s lots of fun!”

ray quinn

Whilst Kyran went on to add: “So week 7 is here… looking fwd to tonight especially the boys v girls number… think we are 4th on so if u fancy voting add 04.. if not 😉 (sic)”.

As Ray topped the leaderboard last week for the lads, he is the team leader of the boys group this evening. Speaking earlier today, Ray said: “We’ve nailed it and we’ve got a really great, strong team. We definitely want to win, we’ve put our effort in to go out with a good competition and we’ve got to give the girls a run for their money.

“I saw their [the girls] directors cut, and they’re looking really good. They’re both very different routines to very different music, but I think we could cover some competition for sure”.

In their VT before they skated this evening, the lads were doing the same as the girls – it was all a mess, it was flat and it just wasn’t working.

The trio danced to Uptown Girl this evening and they looked the parts that they were trying to portray with their dirty shirts and mucky faces. Possibly too much hip-thurusting from Kyran, but we’ll look past that. It was a very strong performance from the lads and if I had to call it, I’d say they had the edge over the girls team as there was SO much content.

Ray said that he loved the routine, and it’s the best performance of the routine that they’ve done so far. Kyran added that to come together as one, it has been his favourite routine.

Speaking about being able to skate as a team, Sam said that there’s a “united feeling”.

dancing on ice judges

Judges Comments

The judges chose to give the double points to TEAM RAY due to the energy and the content in the routines. “There was a real team cohesion,” Jason said.

Nick Barnes

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