Dancing on Ice 2014: You can’t stop Beth Tweddle as she dazzles on the ice, but she needs to ‘let loose’

by Nick Barnes

beth tweddle

Beth Tweddle returned to the ice this evening following her ‘80s inspired routine last week, which the judges LOVED, but Nicky Slater wasn’t all that keen on the splits.

This week, Beth has been working on her performance value, rather than the technical aspect of her dancing, which is what the judges want to see.

In a video recorded earlier in the week, Beth said that in her individual routine this week, it’s quite a fun routine and it’s “so fast”.

She admitted that the judges are trying “to get the performance element” out of her and then she has to fit in the “tricks and the skating” and they’re looking forward to performing the number on this evening’s show.

But Beth has been supporting fellow Olympian Lizzie Yarnold this week as well as she went on to achieve Britain’s first gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics over in Sochi.

In her VT this evening, Beth said that sitting in third was good lat week, but the sky is the limit and they can step it up.

“Each week, I’m trying to put something new in the routines. I don’t want them to think ‘Oh we’ve already seen that’, I want them to say ‘Oh, we’ve not seen that before'”.

This evening, the pair skated to You Can’t Stop the Beat and it was like a scene straight out of Hairspray, complete with the salon scene, a load of pink and big hair!

There was a fair share of huge lifts in the piece, but what was striking was the energy that was put into the performance, which should most definitely check the ‘Personality’ box on the judges grade sheet.

This evening, Beth scored a total of 34 points.


Judges Comments

Ashley Roberts: You always go out and challenge yourself, but I need you to let loose a little bit and have fun. You need to consistently bring it every week.

Karen Barber: It was a well deserved 9. You bring all your skills to the table and you can skate a lot of solo content.

Jason Gardiner: Beth, choreographically you’re very strong, there’s no denying what you can do. This piece really rehired a lot more requirement to fun. Last week you brought that and sometimes I want to shake you as it’s hit and miss. You need to be able to consistently bring the two together.

Nicky Slater: I’m looking at the technical content against the artistic content. You’re doing very difficult lifts, so technically there’s a lot of good stuff there and you’re against actresses, so your face needs to relax and you need to give it a bit more.

Nick Barnes

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