Dancing On Ice: Could Kate Middleton be a contestant in the 2014 series?

by Anna Howell

Phillip Schofield, host of the hugely popular ITV ice skating show Dancing On Ice, has revealed that he thinks the future Queen, Kate Middleton should take part in next year’ show, according to the Sun newspaper reports.

The silver fox believes that the Duchess of Cambridge, who is currently expecting her first child with Price William, would make a fantastic ice skater due to her svelte figure.

Phillip told the publication: “If I was a contestant on the show, the Duchess of Cambridge would be my perfect partner because I suspect she’s very light on her feet.” But he added: “There is no question I would perform better on The Cube than Dancing On Ice.

“You can’t underestimate how difficult Dancing On Ice is for the contestants. It is a gruelling schedule then there is the ever-present possibility you’ll smash your teeth in.

“Of all the reality shows, this is the toughest.”

Schofield, who co-hosts the show with Christine Bleakley, went on to express his delight at the return of Mr Frosty judge, Jason Gardner, for the new series that is due to begin on january 6th, laughing:  “Mr Acid Tongue is back!”

Meanwhile, the Sun has caught up with all the celebrities from the New Year show, and collected quotes from each of them:


Oona King

The former Labour MP Oona King revealed that she is doing the show to impress her dance-mad Italian hubby Tiberio.
She said: “He became tango-crazy two years ago and tried to get me to practise the dance but I was not interested. Now I have my tango equivalent in skating.”
Gareth Thomas

The rugby legend admitted that he loves the sequined costumes.
He said: “I have even told the costume guy to stick more diamonds and colour on me.
“It’s like a play. You are telling a story and you become a character.”

Beth Tweddle

Olympic gymnast, Beth, seemed quietly optimistic: “We have to have straight legs in gym but on the ice that is the worst thing. So I use a tape recorder in training to tell me, ‘Bend the knees!’ ”

Lauren Goodger

the former Towie star’s biggest fear isthe judges.
She said: “I am nervous because they may look at me and think I am from reality TV and there won’t be much respect. I hope the judges take me for who I am.”

Joe Pasquale

Comedian Joe Pasquale admits he didn’t hit it off with returning judge, Karen Barber.
He said: “I couldn’t even stand up. I was like a giraffe on ice. Karen told me I was the worst contestant. But she’s seen me since and is pleased with my progress.”

Luke Campbell

Olympic boxer Luke wants to do his hometown of  Hull, proud.
He said: “When I won gold this summer, the fans were unreal. I want to do the same again. I want to represent Hull well.”

Keith Chegwin

TVhost Keith Chegwin is pleased with how much weight he has already lost from training:
Cheggers said: “My missus definitely thinks I have toned up. I have lost over a stone and I have never done that before. It’s just by exercising.”

Matt Lapinskas

Former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas says he will give the judges as good as he gets.
He said: “I will answer back. I am not afraid. I am prepared for the highs and lows – you can work really hard and the judges can kill you for it.”

Samia Ghadie

Coronation Street beauty Samia Ghadie has already injured herself quite badly but insists she still intends to give it her all: “I find lifts easy – although I get frustrated with some of the basic moves. Some days you want to cry.”

Pamela Anderson

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson insists she has no problem with viewers judging her by her Baywatch past.

She said: “If people still remember me in my 20s on a beach, fine. I am happy with the image – misconceptions can work in my favour.”

Shayne Ward

X Factor 2005 winner Shayne Ward says that Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, are impressed by his balance on the ice.
He joked: “I don’t know if it’s because my sisters put heels on me – they dressed me up, it wasn’t my choice!”

Anthea Turner

Presenter Anthea Turner reckons age is against her as she battles a fear of the ice.

She said: “I have that older woman mentality – I am scared. It’s like learning to dance on bread knives.
“This is the most difficult show I have ever gone on.”

The new series of Dancing On Ice begins on january 6th on ITV1/ITV1 HD – watch the teaser promo for it in the clip below: