Dancing on Ice 2014: Hayley Tamaddon rises like a Skyscraper with her emotional performance

by Nick Barnes
hayley tamaddon dan whiston

hayley tamaddon dan whiston

Hayley Tamaddon is next up this evening, and it seems there’s a lot of pressure on Hayley to be the best in the competition.

Unfortunately, Hayley slipped a little last week and saw herself in second place behind Ray Quinn in the number 1 spot, and Hayley wants to claw it back.

In a video recorded earlier this week, Hayley has admitted that this week’s dance is a “real tear jerker”.

“Our individual routine is a beautiful piece of music from Sam Bailey who is a friend of ours so we’re really excited to skate to her song,” Hayley added.

Dan Whiston, who is Hayley’s professional partner went on to say that this week’s dance is a real tear jerker as it’s a love story and there’s a love letter involved.

Not only that, the pair have choreographed the piece themselves, so it’s really special.

hayley tamaddon doi 2014

The intention of this week’s dance is to make people have a bit of a tear in their eyes and a lump in their throat – will Dan and Hayley be able to do it?

In her VT, Hayley added that she couldn’t believe the score last week and the comments that she received. Her marks are going up and up every week and they just need to better themselves each week.

“It’s all champions left in the competition now,” Hayley acknowledged. Hayley has her eyes set on the top and to steal the crown from Ray Quinn as she must “strive, strive, strive”.

This evening, Hayley and Dan are dancing to Sam Bailey’s version of Skyscraper. It was all very emotional to begin with, which started with a love letter, and it all became slightly theatrical. It was certainly a very moving and emotional performance from the pair this evening.

This evening, Hayley and Dan scored a total of 34.5 points.

dancing on ice judges

Judges Comments

Ashley Roberts: it was avery emotional piece and the two of you have such chemistry together. What you lack in, Beth has a lot in, so it was interesting to see. For that performance you were committed and engaged.

Karen Barber: I love your skating, I love your partnership. It’s as though we need two marks – your artistic mark will always be higher than your technical. It needs to be the full package now.

Jason Gardiner: Incredibly expressive, very emotive and you kept that all the way through. You’re a great storyteller. Thank you for keeping that integrity, however, I would have liked to have seen more unfurling of the arms and upper body. Where you could have been more expressive, through the phase would have made it more delicious.

Nick Barnes

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