Dancing On Ice: Jason Gardiner thinks he might be sacked but added ‘OFCOM must love me!’

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Jason Gardiner isn’t feeling too safe in his position on the Dancing On Ice panel he has revealed and the star admitted that he knows he may be axed before the show returns next year.

The ITV series drew to an end on Sunday night, for it’s least watched final yet and though channel bosses and Torvill and Dean have all insisted that it won’t be cancelled, Jason knows he could be shed if a new lineup looks more appealing for 2014.

Gardiner may be a little deluded, as he told The Sun that the ratings on the show are up, explaining:

He said: “The ratings are up — that is what the network needed to see.

“If the numbers were down then I think we would be in trouble. Why would they get rid of it? It still does the business.”

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However after being axed in 2012 and reinstated in 2013, the Australian star knows he could be sacked just as easily again and confessed:

“Nobody is safe in this industry. There are no guarantees unless you are Torvill and Dean.

“They’re safe, everyone else is up for discussion.”

The star has been at the centre of many controversies on the show and this series was no different. OFCOM investigated comments he made to X Factor singer Shayne Ward, when Jason told him he skated like he had ‘locked in syndrome.’

However the regulatory body later cleared him of any wrongdoing and it seems their decision has simply spurred him on.

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He said:

“Ofcom must love me. They keep saying, ‘You know what, he is fine.’

“And it wouldn’t be a Dancing On Ice series if there wasn’t an Ofcom investigation.

“I reckon we should just have them as the fifth judge on the panel. Then I can just turn to them and say, ‘Ofcom, was that all right? Did that pass? Did I get that through the hoop?’.”

Jason also spoke out about claims that he and the judges script their remarks before the show, or are given comments by staff before they go live. He claimed that he comes up with all his own critiques and added:

“These things just pop into my mind. You don’t have time to think.”

“We don’t have any scripted comments. It is hard to ever call it. A lot of people don’t do well on the panel because they get locked in to what they see in the rehearsal. And when it changes it throws them.

“It’s a live show and you have to take everything as it comes.”

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Jason was upbeat when the series drew to a close two days ago and took to Twitter to exclaim:

“@dancingonice 10 weeks and its all over! Thanks for all your wonderful comments & honest feedback. #lovemyfollowers”

Robin Cousins wasn’t so happy and admitted that he didn’t want Beth Tweddle to win over Matt Lapinskas.

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