Dancing on Ice’s Emily Atack gets nearly naked again! (PICTURES)

Emily Atack, best known as sex-bomb sixth-former Charlotte in The Inbetweeners and a former Dancing On Ice contestant has graduated into the grown-up world of film. 2012 sees her line up alongside Bob Hoskins in Outside Bet, before a spate of big-money movies set for release later this year.

On her current project, Emily said: “I’m just finishing shooting a film called Get Lucky and I’m really excited about it. There’s loads of action and it’s gritty. But it’s not your typical British gangster film. You care about the characters. I play the femme fatale. I get a gun and everything!” She added: “My character wears kinky underwear in the bedroom. You just see them snogging on the bed and then it’s left for the audience to decide what they’ve done!”

Commenting on her photo shoot for this month’s FHM Magazine, Emily said: “I love it! It’s really cool, it’s a different feel to what I’ve done before, which has always been a bit more underwear-y, so it’s nice to do something a bit more cool and current.”

Speaking about the success of The Inbetweeners, Emily said: “It changed my life. There’s no question about it. The thing is that nobody expected it to be as big as it was.” Asked if she was similar to Charlotte in her school days, she revealed: “I was like her in ways. I wasn’t quite as promiscuous. She’s a little bit……Naughty? I wasn’t really like that. I was more friends with boys. A lot of girls say this but I got on a lot better with boys. Girls gave me a bit of a hard time at school. I got picked on a little bit because I wore a lot of make-up and stuff. There was a bunch of complete bitches at my school. They were complete bitches but, you know, it’s me laughing now, not them.”

The full interview and photo shoot appear in this month’s FHM Magazine, on sale now (Thursday)

Lisa McGarry

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