Hayley Tamaddon lifts injured Dan Whiston! Perfect 10s for Dancing On Ice flying routine!

hayley tamaddon dan whiston

hayley tamaddon dan whiston

Hayley Tamaddon has overcome a LOT this week as she rehearsed for tonight’s Dancing On Ice semi final.

The Coronation Street star was elated to make the penultimate show but struggled during her practice sessions, after her professional partner Dan Whiston sustained a serious arm injury.

The pro was forced to take four days – most of the week – off the rink, which left Hayley rehearsing alone and at times with Andy Buchanan. The duo only found out on Friday night that Whiston would be well enough to take part in tonight’s show, at which point both were threw into a series of frantic run throughs.

She said:

“I thought I’d have Dan back in my arms this week, but sadly he was injured.”

For their first semi final routine Dan and Hayley showcased their best flying and the latter was hoisted into the air by a series of wires, as she tried her best to look graceful and poised.

hayley tamaddon

The pair performed to How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding and we have to admit, Tamaddon held herself beautifully in the air.

In a pink tutu and ballerina style costume she swopped and glided, she span and tumbled and best of all, she didn’t even look like she wanted to vomit.

In the end it was her arms that were tested too, as the actress lifted and pulled Dan across the ice as they brought the routine to a close.

dancing on ice judges


ASHLEY ROBERTS: I just want to say thank you. As a viewer you want to be moved like that. You were like a fairy out there. It was just poetic, it was gorgeous!

KAREN BARBER: I think that was our most beautiful flying routine ever. You know when you watch an emotional performance it makes you feel it and that’s what happened. Thank you.

JASON GARDINER: Wow. That was quite possibly one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen here. It was ethereal, it was moving and on top of that, the positions you held in the air were exquisite.

ROBIN COUSINS: It was exquisite to watch. It was believable from that very first note.

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  1. barbs on March 3, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Haynley can nnt skate on her own. She should not win..you can see Dan supporting her all the time

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