Karen Barber & ‘rude’ Jason Gardiner clash over Sam Attwater on Dancing On Ice!

Sam Attwater Vicky Ogden

Sam Attwater had a LOT to fight for and prove tonight, having lost his duel to Kyran Bracken last weekend.

On the latest episode of Dancing On Ice the actor admitted he was gutted when he ended up in the skate off last Sunday.

He told the team:

“At the end of the skate off I was close to tears, it means so much to me. This is our second time and we cannot be there again.”

The hunk really wanted to step it up for the 80s themed show and he was determined to make his fiancé and skating partner, Vicky Ogden, proud adding:

“I have to remember that I have my family beside me and Vicky by my side. I have to go out there and make them proud.”


The pair skated to Queen’s Radio Gaga and of course Sam sported the whole black leather outfit and dodgy moustache.

It wasn’t all gimmicks though and the routine was very difficult indeed. Sam certainly doesn’t lack in the talent department. We have the feeling that it’s a personality problem that’s causing him to lose votes. That last fauxmance was a very bad idea indeed!

The judges definitely appreciated the complex routine (or most of them anyway) and moves and Attwater scored 31.5 this evening.

dancing on ice judges


ASHLEY ROBERTS: Sam you are passionate, you love this, you guys on the ice are always beautiful. There were moments…..but you need a little bit more badass!

JASON GARDINER: Let’s be honest Freddie Mercury is one of the best performers ever. Tonight there was a nod to him…in moustache only. You had a real opportunity to show us you love being here but you were so in your head that you weren’t selling the number. I would have liked to see you look like you’re enjoying it. There was no excitement.

KAREN BARBER: You are unnecessarily rude sometimes. The footwork… I saw the mistakes but overall it was there and you don’t need to be rude.

NICKY SLATER: I wanted more Freddie! In 86 I went to see him…more Freddie. The steps were good, you’re covering the whole ice. It’s good to me, but more Freddie. I agree with Jason.

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