Not true! Dancing On Ice’s Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean & Jason Gardiner kick off on Twitter!

torvill and dean

torvill and dean

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have insisted that they were misquoted today and have denied claims that they are planning to retire.

The Dancing On Ice stars reportedly told The Sun that they were planning to perform The Bolero one last time towards the end of the current ITV series, then retire from ice skating altogether.

The Olympic champions supposedly told reporters that they would find walking away from each other like a ‘death’ and that Chris would be relocating permanently to America, while Jayne will stay with her family in the UK.

However something was lost in translation, as Torvill and Dean took to Twitter to deny the claims and insisted that they are neither retiring or going their separate ways.

They tweeted:


“We will not be retiring or splitting up. Total miss quote in the Sun’s headlines. C&J [sic].”

The headline in The Sun read: “We will perform our last Bolero then split up… it will feel like death.”

Meanwhile, Jason Gardiner has also been on a bit of a rant about another story in The Sun.

It was reported that the star was livid when informed that Karen Barber will be acting as head judge for the next two weeks, while Robin Cousins heads to the Winter Olympics. So called insiders claimed Jason thought Barber was only being offered the promotion because of her relationship with Christopher Dean.

jason gardiner

However the Australian star is denying everything. He says the story was fabricated by ITV’s own press team and tweeted:

“For those having a go at me for a fabricated story by @itvpresscentre about #DOI Head judge bullshit email Its his story”

This weekend the Dancing On Ice team will be celebrating Torvill and Dean’s 30th year in ice skating.

On Valentine’s Day the pair will be performing the Boléro at Sarajevo’s Olympic Hall, to mark their 1984 Olympic win.

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  1. T&DMagicForever on February 8, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    When I read the story of them retiring and splitting up, at first apart of me didn’t believe it. The reason why I didn’t really believe it is because they both said before something about they won’t retire, and that they found it difficult when they retired the first time. They said they couldn’t go through that again.

    They said they will slow down but won’t retire.

    As I was reading what the newspapers was first saying I was thinking I will only believe it when Torvill and Dean confirms it.

    I read on Torvill and Dean’s twitter @torvillanddean that they will not retire or splitting up.

    That’s when I new for sure it wasn’t true about what the newspapers was saying.

    So glad that Torvill and Dean aren’t retiring and aren’t splitting up. 😀

    Torvill and Dean are legends and perfect. 😀

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